Do You Need A Permit for Window Replacement?

You don’t need a permit for every type of home improvement project, but replacing your windows may require one. So when exactly do you need a permit for window replacement? In this post, Renewal by Andersen® of New Jersey answers this question.

Window Replacement

Do You Need a Permit To Replace Your Windows?

If a window opening needs to be expanded horizontally, a building permit is necessary. When widening a window, cutting the studs on each side of the window can make the wall structure unstable. The size of the opening is important in security walls, but on paper, even the smallest horizontal additions require permission. An electrical permit must also be obtained if electrical work will be involved.

That said, the extent of the work involved determines whether or not a permit is required. Window replacement can be as simple as replacing existing windows with “inserts” that are fitted directly into the previous window’s frame. No structural changes or sash removal are required in this type of replacement, so a permit is not necessary. However, you should be aware that replacing windows requires you to adhere to safety glazing and emergency egress rules.

How Do You Apply for a Permit?

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to work on the building permit application. However, it helps to hire a professional contractor who can handle all the building permits and ensure that your project’s completion adheres to regulatory standards. Requirements for a permit to replace your windows vary depending on the location. In New Jersey, there is a construction permit application packet available online that you can download and print. Along with the other documents required, you should submit the forms to the building department as soon as possible. Your application may take several days to be processed.

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