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Your front door is one of the most recognizable aspects of your home. It’s one of the first things your guests and loved ones see before they enter, yet it’s often overlooked. This focal point can change the entire look and feel of your home’s exterior, front porch and entryway. A carefully selected front door color can boost your home’s curb appeal. 

Many homeowners, however, tend to neglect their front door when looking for ways to give their property a refresh, perhaps even leaving the same door and color as when they bought the house. If this sounds like you, consider how simply replacing your front door or adding a fresh coat of paint can give you the upgrade you’re looking for. Let’s dive into the top door colors of 2023. 

What Are the Trending Door Colors? 

As with all other home elements, front door colors fluctuate in popularity depending on the time of year, your geographical location and the overall style of your home. For the upcoming year, here are the top door colors to keep your eye on. 

1. Green

Shades of green tend to be calming and uplifting due to their resemblance to nature. A green entry door can blend in well with surrounding foliage to provide beautiful depth and a welcoming feeling as people approach your home. Whether your home has a more contemporary look or favors a vintage feel, there are many shades of green you can choose from for an authentic, timeless look. 

Sage green, for example, seems to be a popular color choice for 2023. This muted shade has yellow undertones that pair well with blues, yellows and creams around your exterior. If you want to immerse yourself with positivity as you step through your front door, green is an ideal color choice. 

2. Blue 

Next up is warm, tranquil blues. Shades of blue are often associated with inspiration, comfort and strength — perfect for an entryway to your home. You can choose from earthy, serene blues, such as cornflower, Oxford Blue or blue-gray, which presents a comforting and reassuring presence. Or, you can opt for a brighter shade like royal blue, which creates a strong visual impact and exudes strength. 

If you want something classic, try sky blue or navy blue. Like greens, blue shades tend to make a house feel like a home, giving you and your guests a welcoming embrace as soon as you walk up to the front door. Blue front doors tend to stand out even more when paired with brass or copper hardware and textured stained glass detail.

3. Black

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Believe it or not, black was the top trending color for front doors in 2022, and it’s still a favorite in 2023. This may come as a surprise to some people, as many tend to think that black paint is too harsh, dark or uninviting for an entryway. However, black front doors create a truly classic and timeless appeal that works with many different color schemes. 

Whether you want your entryway to be neutral, monochromatic or have pops of bold color, you can design any type of look around a black front door. This is because any shade will pop against this statement color. If you’re unsure about such a dark color, try opting for glossy black paint, which can add depth and dimension to your front door and make it the focal point of your exterior. 

4. Gray 

Gray is a popular neutral shade, a perfect mix between the extreme ends of the color spectrum — black and white. Gray tones can range from a light, dove gray to the deepest charcoal, allowing you to keep a muted, classy look or add pops of color around your front door for that perfect contrast. Grays have become a popular choice for 2023 due to their subtle undertones, such as a hint of purple or blue, that can create a truly unique look. 

For instance, pairing a pale gray siding with a deep blue-gray door can create beautiful depth, but you can also pair it with other colors to add some variety. If you like a more subtle look, gray is your best choice. You can find both cool and warm-tone grays to add to the elegance of your exterior without needing to make a bold statement with bright colors. 

5. Bold Colors

If you like to draw attention to your beautiful home and front lawn, a brightly colored front door is the way to go. Many homeowners decide against going with a bold look as some find these colors are not as timeless as muted or natural tones. Others may simply not like the look of a bright, bold front door combined with neutral house paint. In 2023, however, many homeowners may be looking for just that. 

Adding bright reds, teals, yellows and pinks to your front door can be a perfect way to add some character and color to your home without making permanent changes or being overwhelmed. A vivid front door may be all you need to create a unique entryway, even if your surrounding colors are modest. Bright colors can suit a variety of home elements, including bright and wrought iron. If you have a white and gray home, for example, try a red front door for a pop of color that draws the eye. 

Tips on Choosing the Best Front Door Color for Your Home 

If you’re wondering what color your door should be, start considering what colors you enjoy and see if they overlap with the colors already present on your exterior. Here are some other tips to keep in mind when searching for the best door color options. 

  • Work with your surroundings: If you’re unsure where to start, look at your home’s natural surroundings for inspiration. For instance, consider the color of your front porch, garage door, walkway or driveway. How will the front door color complement these elements? If your exterior feels a bit dark, try picking a light or bold shade to brighten it up and create contrast. 
  • Choose a color that suits the period of your property: All homes have a mixture of property styles. Whether your home is a 1920s construction with unique Art Deco touches or a contemporary new build, consider which colors can help you stay true to your period style and create a cohesive look. 
  • Get creative: At the end of the day, your home should feel comforting and inviting. If you prefer a color that’s not on the list above, go for it! Don’t be afraid to try something new and experiment a bit. Painting your front door isn’t as much of a commitment as painting your entire house, so feel free to pick your favorite shade or a color that represents your signature style.
  • Use the surrounding foliage for inspiration: If your home’s exterior has lots of trees, flowers or intricate landscaping, use the color of the foliage to inspire your front door color! Whether you have lots of greenery, bright yellow flowers or bushels of lavender plants, choosing a similar color can help you tie in the florals surrounding your door. 
  • Contact a professional for expertise: Some older homes with original doors may need replacements. If your front door is cracked, weathered, splintering or simply not the style you desire, consider contacting an expert in the industry to learn about colors and styles for your entry door. 

Upgrade Your Home With Front Door Replacements 

Whichever color option you choose, consider the existing siding and material your home already has. If you’re ready for a front-door refresh but aren’t quite happy with your current door, finding a replacement can give you a replacement door and color simultaneously. Renewal by Anderson has all the door styles, materials and colors to match your personal preferences, existing home design and lifestyle. It’s our goal to help customer upgrade their entry with doors that make a statement and operate flawlessly

Whether you want a bold color option or something neutral to blend in with your home’s exterior, our team of skilled installers will be there every step of the way to provide you with a smooth experience. To request a free quote for your replacement door, fill out our online form today or call us at 404-491-0124.

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