Part 1: Benefits of Double Hung Replacement Windows in NJ & NY

In our first article of our new 12-part replacement window and patio door education series, we’re going to give our Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro blog visitors a bit more information about one of the most popular replacement window products in our portfolio: the double-hung window. Traditional, classic, timeless, versatile, and distinctive; these are all adjectives commonly used to describe double-hung windows. Here are a few reasons why the double-hung window is so popular with our customers.

Sash Windows Control Indoor Comfort Naturally

Double-hung windows have two vertical, movable sash – the upper sash slides down, the lower sash moves up. Among the many benefits of this popular style is the opportunity to enhance ventilation as a cooling method for your home during periods of moderate temperatures. By lowering the upper sash slightly and raising the bottom sash the same amount, you create an entrance path for cool air at the bottom, while allowing warm air to exit the room as it naturally rises toward the ceiling. While this natural cooling method works wonders during spring and fall, homeowners in our area will most likely still run their HVAC systems during the hottest part of the year. Don’t forget to ask about insect screens if you plan to use natural ventilation.

Highly Versatile Design Opportunities

Historically, single-hung sash windows were constructed with wood frames and several equally sized and shaped smaller glass panes – typically six on the bottom sash and six on the upper sash – joined with wood sashing strips, also known as mullions. Today, modern technology allows us to create massive sheets of glass so joining strips are almost obsolete. For homeowners who want to capture the energy-efficiency benefits of Fibrex composite frames surrounding large glass panels, but want the aesthetic of original sash windows, we offer grilles as an optional decorative touch.

You may also decide whether you want the lower sash to slide in front of the upper section, or behind. Another way to modify the traditional appearance is to make the upper sash (or lower sash) taller or shorter than the companion sash. These options provides slightly different visual texture without compromising performance.

Plus, you can install a specialty shaped window above to complement certain aspects of your home’s architecture. For example, using an equal leg arch window above a traditional square window section, softens the appearance of a home with sharp features.

As you can see, it is possible to create truly unique double-hung replacement windows that complement your home’s personality, architecture and character while including convenience, comfort and safety.

Everyday Benefits Gained by Installing Double-Hung Replacement Windows

This style is one of the easiest to clean. Factory applied technology virtually eliminates water spots caused by rain or water from sprinklers when activated by direct sunlight. And, the tilt-in-to-clean constructions allows you to safely reach both interior and exterior surfaces from inside your home without ladders. This window style looks perfectly at home in Victorian, Cape Code, colonial ranch and Georgian style homes. Beautiful, affordable, easy to maintain and energy-efficient. What more could you ask of your windows?

Learn More About Renewal by Andersen Double-Hung Replacement Windows for Your New Jersey or New York Metro Home.

The double-hung window is only one of our beautiful energy-efficient replacement windows, but it is one of the most popular styles we offer. Have questions we didn’t cover in this post? Simply fill the form on this page or give us a call at 1-877-826-2451.

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