Looking for Easy-Clean Replacement Windows for Your Long Island Home?

Cleaning Long Island Replacement WindowsIf you’ve chosen to upgrade the aging windows and doors in your Long Island home, you’re probably looking forward to improving your view of the world beyond your windows. You’ve probably considered the various glass types and frames and made some progress in narrowing down the styles for your replacement windows. One question you might have before making the final decision is “What window styles are easiest to keep clean?”

The good news is that all Renewal by Andersen of Long Island windows are low-maintenance and easy to clean. Naturally, a fixed window on the first floor, with between-the-glass grilles (or no grilles) has fewer surfaces to clean so it will probably take less time, depending on the size and shape. Since fixed windows don’t open, you’ll need to clean the interior surface from the inside and then go outside to clean the other side. Fixed window exterior surfaces on upper floors and in attics are harder to reach, unless you have access to a fireman’s ladder or a professional window washer with a weekend to donate.

Simple Solutions

Renewal by Andersen replacement window options for Long Island homeowners all have a few things in common. For one thing, you won’t need special cleaning products or tools to clean most windows. A home-made or mild commercial cleaning solution and a few soft cloths are suitable for most window-cleaning jobs. Some people prefer to use a squeegee to reduce streaking. Another thing that eliminates streaks and smudges is to wash windows on a cloudy day. Washing solutions tend to dry quicker on bright, clear days, and that can leave streaks.

Here are a few other no-no’s to keep in mind when cleaning your replacement windows and doors.

  • Keep vinegar-based solutions away from weather-stripping and sealants to prevent damage.
  • Avoid abrasives that might pit or scratch glass and other surfaces.
  • Never use sharp objects – like razor blades or knives – to remove stubborn grime. Patience and elbow grease work well and won’t void your warranty.

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island: Replacement Windows Designed with You in Mind

Sliding Windows and Doors

Energy-efficient, space-saving sliders are a breeze to clean. Even if your sliders are on upper floors or in the attic, you won’t need to hire a professional or enlist the help of a fire-fighter friend. The designs allow you to reach both the exterior and interior surfaces from inside the comfort of your home.

After you remove the grilles (if any), slide one sash to the center of the opening. Lift up, pulling the lower part of the sash toward you. Repeat with the remaining sash. Clean both surfaces and replace sash in the reverse order. Always close and lock the windows after cleaning to make sure you positioned your components in the frame correctly.

If you need help figuring out how to remove interior grilles, watch this tutorial. Wipe each grille section with a moist cloth and replace after you reinstall sash in the frame.

Double Hung Windows: Tilt Cleaning Options

Double-hung windows are among the most popular styles in the Renewal by Andersen line up of replacement windows. The wash-assist styling allows you to easily access the lower and upper sash by tilting them toward the inside of your home. To prevent damage, be sure to support your window sash with a stool or other sturdy furniture while they are dropped at the 90 degree angle. We recommend you clean exterior surfaces first; then clean interior surfaces and return to an upright position. Our replacement window cleaning and operation guide will help you locate the wash-assist tab and gain more information about lowering and raising your sash for cleaning.

All Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement windows are easy to clean and generally don’t require more than one person to do the job quickly and efficiently. Remember that glass is heavy and the larger the window, the more it will weigh. If you aren’t sure how much an individual sash weighs, arrange for help the first time you clean your new windows.

Ask Renewal by Andersen of Long Island for More Information

Did we answer your questions about cleaning and maintenance of the replacement windows in your Long Island home? If you have concerns or questions, we’re here to help. We’ve got solutions to make taking care of your Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement windows as effortless as possible. You can reach us at (866) 609-5033 for more information about any of our fine home improvement products and accessories.

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