Essential Things to Consider When Sizing Replacement Windows

Besides window style, material and color, you need to consider the size of your new windows. Keep in mind that the dimensions of your windows will affect your home’s overall appearance and comfort. However, with all the sizes available today, choosing the ideal one for your space could be difficult.  

Essential Things to Consider When Sizing Replacement Windows

Choose the ideal window size for your living space by considering these essential factors. 

The Style of Your Home

Your home’s architectural style plays a significant role in your window replacement options. For instance, oversized windows don’t often go well with traditional houses. However, they usually look great in modern structures. Your curb appeal could suffer if you choose a window style and size that doesn’t complement the style of your home. It would help to consult an experienced professional to determine the right windows for your home. 

Head Height

The proximity of the top of the window to the ceiling is called the head height. More sunlight will enter your indoor spaces with taller windows. Just don’t allow the head height to be too near the ceiling because you won’t be able to add curtains. Don’t forget to consider maintenance when choosing a window head height. It would be more challenging to clean windows that are too high. 

Sill Height

Sill height refers to the distance between the base of the window and the ground. Building codes require you to have at least one egress window in a bedroom. An egress window should have a maximum sill height of 44 inches. Other windows could have different sill heights, depending on their purpose. 

Width to Height Proportion

Finally, take width to height proportion into consideration. It’s usually influenced by window style, operation and weight distribution. For instance, picture windows are available in nearly all shapes and sizes because they are stationary. On the other hand, operable styles come in certain proportions. Double-hung windows are usually taller while sliding windows are wider. 

An experienced window replacement company can help you choose the best windows for your home. At Renewal by Andersen® of Atlanta, we offer energy-efficient windows in a wide range of styles, sizes, colors, finishes and hardware options. Call us at (404) 491-0124 or fill out our contact form to get a free estimate. 

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