Exclusive Fibrex® Window Frame is a Game Changer

Pick a reason that you’ve decided to update the existing windows in your New Jersey or New York Metro home with modern, high-performance replacement windows: Energy-efficiency, Useability, Beauty, Durability …. Whichever reason is most important to you, choosing patented Renewal by Andersen Fibrex® window frame material can make a dramatic difference in every setting.

Fibrex® composite window frames combine the low-maintenance features of vinyl with the strength, durability and stability of wood. The result is window frames that are beautiful and perform perfectly for decades, with zero (or very little) maintenance.

7 Reasons Homeowners Prefer Fibrex®

#1. Stability. Fibrex® stands up better to extreme temperature variations and weather elements, maintaining structural integrity and stability. So, whether it is the blistering heat during summer months or ice and snow during winter, you can have confidence your frames will continue to protect your indoor spaces from the season after season, year after year

#2. Superior strength makes Fibrex® replacement windows with narrower profiles possible, resulting in a larger viewing area compared to a similar sized window with wide vinyl frames.

#3. Design Flexibility. A proprietary extrusion process enables us to custom-build you new home windows to virtually any shape. This allows you to bring a truly unique vision to life, update a historic home without compromising original aesthetics or simply replace aging home windows using similar styles and shapes with modern performance metrics.

#4. Color is fused into the frame material during the extrusion process, making it possible to build frames that won’t fade in the harshest weather. Dark colors – even black – maintain their original depth and clarity year after year.

#5. Performance tests prove that the composite will never rust, pit, corrode, flake, fade or succumb to mold, mildew and other damage caused by moisture absorption (Learn more about our 20/2/10 warranty that backs up our performance claims.)

#6. Exceptional insulating properties contribute to lower heating and air conditioning bills, more comfortable living spaces and better indoor air quality since the frames will never develop leaks or gaps that allow allergens and other air-borne particulates to sneak in around or through the frames.

#7. Quiet. A window unit built with Fibrex® composite does an excellent job reducing noise transfer, too.

A side-by-side comparison of Fibrex® composite and other window frame materials reveals myriad reasons that Fibrex® is a game changer in the replacement window world. When it comes to benefits – stronger performance ratings, longer life span, lower maintenance – why would you settle for anything else? If you haven’t had the opportunity to see Fibrex® window frames up close, be sure to do that before making a final decision about which replacement window brand to work with on your upcoming home renovation project. We believe you will be glad you did!

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