Expert Tips to Get Inspired for Replacement Windows

Installing replacement windows is a big deal that can have a lasting impact on your comfort and enjoyment of your home! While replacing a whole house of windows is a significant investment, this is one investment can enjoy now, improve your home’s value and make your home more attractive for future buyers. Replacement windows also improve your home’s energy efficiency and can help you save time and money on maintenance for your home.

With such a big investment to be made, it’s good to be excited about installing your replacement windows. Below are four suggestions for getting inspired before your upcoming window replacement.

#1. Visit a Showroom to See Your New Windows in Person

One of the best ways to choose the windows that are best for your home is to visit a showroom where you can see the various window styles and colors in person. Although you may be able to see the window styles and hardware types online, it’s always best to see examples in person.

Colors don’t always look right when you see them online, and windows can look very different when you see them in person. Visiting a showroom makes it easier to make decisions for your upcoming window installations.

#2. Rethink Your Curtains to Show Off Your Windows

Once your replacement windows have been installed, it’s a perfect opportunity to install new curtains in your home. Installing new curtains gives you a chance to completely update the look of your home, and show off your new windows. Don’t feel chained to your old curtains! Instead, take this opportunity to make your entire home interior look brand new.

While you’re at it, you may also take the opportunity to replace some of your home decor. Your old curtains probably match your old home decor, which means that if you update your new curtains, you may need to update some of your other home decorations.

Plan this out before your new windows are installed, so you can update your curtains and decor shortly after the windows are installed. After all, you’re going to take down your window treatments for the installation anyway, why put up the same old curtains or shades on your brand new windows? There’s nothing quite like the promise of an all-new look in your home to get you excited for an upcoming window installation!

#3. Consider a New Window Style and Grille Pattern

You don’t need to replace your existing windows with windows of the exact same style. Maybe your current windows are single hung, but you’ve always wanted casements or double hung windows. Have a big picture window? Maybe a new bay or bow would brighten up your home. Your upcoming window replacement project is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a new window style.

What’s more, you can make the difference between your old windows and new even more dramatic by choosing a new grille pattern. Talk to your window dealer about the numerous options available for different grille patterns and styles. From Colonial-style grilles to Prairie-style, you’ve got a lot of choices to pick from!

#4. Collect Favorite Window Photos, Review Online Resources

One of the best ways to get inspired for new windows is to collect pictures of window photos in an online scrapbook. Search on the Internet for online resources featuring pictures of new windows. Reviewing pictures will get you in the mood for a window installation, and may even help you make decisions about what type of windows to install and what window dealer/installer to choose.

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