Factors to Consider When Choosing Door Hardware

The type of hardware you select might have an impact on the overall efficiency of your door system. That is why it is critical to make an informed decision when it comes to this topic. Choosing the appropriate door hardware can be difficult because there are so many options available on the market. Here are some things to consider.

Choosing Door Hardware


Even though your patio door is not the primary entrance to your home, it must be equipped with proper security systems. Investigate the many locking methods that are available for the door style that you prefer. Hinged patio doors are often equipped with a five-point locking system, which is both secure and dependable in terms of security and reliability. A special reach-out lock is used on sliding doors, on the other hand, to ensure that the door panel is snugly drawn into the jamb of the door. Other options, such as an exterior keyed lock or an auxiliary foot lock, may be considered in addition to the existing locking mechanism.


In replacement casement windows and doors construction, contractors tend to recommend finishes that are easy to maintain. This is to assist you in keeping your door hardware in good condition for as long as possible. Because the hardware will be exposed to many types of weather and constant use, it should be able to survive high heat and frigid winters. You can choose a specific coating for brass, chrome and nickel hardware to make it more resistant to corrosion and tarnish.

Other Hardware Pieces

Take into account the existing hardware in the area, and select patio door hardware that complements those materials. For example, if your windows have chrome hardware, using brass for your patio doors will most likely make your home’s style look out of place.

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