Frequently Asked Questions: Fibrex® Material

For a long time, Renewal by Andersen® has been leading the replacement windows company in the industry. With the help of new technologies and innovative minds, we successfully developed our patented Fibrex® frames. Fibrex is a composite material made of reclaimed wood fiber and thermoplastic polymer. It provides you with the durability of wood coupled with the low-maintenance properties of vinyl. It is guaranteed not to blister, peel, fade or flake.

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Today, we answer frequently asked questions about Fibrex.

1. Why Use Fibrex®?

It’s important to know that windows and doors boost your home’s energy efficiency. Our Fibrex material coupled with our High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass will help improve your home’s insulation and further increase your home’s energy efficiency. Fibrex is our popular and revolutionary material that has the durability of wood with low-maintenance properties of vinyl. To achieve this, we’ve combined reclaimed wood fibers with our own thermoplastic polymer. This allows Fibrex to resist cracking, bowing and decay even when exposed to fluctuating temperatures, making it an excellent and reliable material to work with.

2. Is Fibrex Available for All Windows?

It certainly is. Our Fibrex windows can be crafted in any style of your choice. This means that you can create casement, bow, bay and double hung replacement windows that are durable and stylish. Compared to fiberglass windows, which can be only constructed in a straight line, our windows can be crafted into any shape which gives you limitless options. You can also pick different colors to match different themes, whether it’s classic, modern or traditional.

3. How Can Fibrex Help You Save On Your Energy Bills?

Our Fibrex material frames have inherent insulation, which means they do not require a foam or similarly insulating core. Combined with our High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass, Renewal by Andersen replacement windows prevent heat from leaking between your indoor and outdoor spaces, which can help reduce your home’s indoor heating and cooling requirements, leading to energy savings. Each Renewal by Andersen replacement window is certified by ENERGY STAR®.

4. Is Fibrex Eco-friendly?

Renewal by Andersen replacement windows are manufactured with the environment in mind. Fibrex contains at least 40% of wood fibers reclaimed from wood trimmings at the Andersen® woodworking facilities in Minnesota. As we have control over the supply chain and manufacturing process, we can maintain a minimal carbon footprint. Lastly, our replacement windows are more sustainable with expected lifespans of more than 35 years and minimal needed upkeep.

5. Does Fibrex Come With Warranties?

Fibrex windows are backed by a 20-year limited warranty for Fibrex and glass, a 10-year limited warranty for the frame, sash and locking mechanism, and a 2-year limited warranty for installation. This top-level coverage is to assure customers that only get the highest quality of products and outstanding installation services.

Renewal by Andersen Midwest stands as the exclusive supplier of top-quality wood composite windows and Andersen patio doors to Queen City residents. We offer a full range of window products, from traditional double-hung to custom-built specialty windows, to add efficiency, beauty and value to your home. 

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