Get Inspired for Your Upcoming Window Replacement!

Window replacement is a major investment that should excite you! New windows can raise the value of your home, improve your quality of life and boost your home’s energy efficiency. If you’re not yet feeling excited about your home’s replacement window project, now is the time to find inspiration for your upcoming home improvement project.

#1. Find Window Inspiration Online

One of the best ways to get excited about new windows is to see what others have done before you. Go online and collect pictures of windows to get in the mood and gather ideas for your upcoming window replacement. You can find pictures of windows online, and use programs like Pinterest to gather the images and websites that you find most useful for planning your upcoming replacement window project.

You might collect information from websites that show creative window treatments, or you may even collect information from websites about what to expect during a window replacement.

#2. Visit a Replacement Window Showroom

Wondering what your windows will look like once they’re installed? While you’re online, check out Renewal by Andersen’s Window and Door Visualizer Tool. There’ you can upload a photo of your home and try out different window options right on your picture. Try different colors, different styles and more.

Remember that you don’t have to replace your old windows with new windows of the same style. You can replace double hung windows with casements, or replace picture windows with bay windows, and so on.

Once you have a good idea of what you’re considering, you can stop by the showroom to see the selection of window styles available in person.

Visiting a showroom where you can see new windows for yourself can help you confirm which window style is perfect for your home.

#3. Consider a New Window Style and Grille Pattern

In addition to a new style for your windows, you can also select a new window grille pattern. Grille patterns add character and visual interest to your windows. Renewal by Andersen grille patterns come in a range of designs from which you can choose.

You can also choose the window grille type that best fits your home and lifestyle. You can select from full divided light window grilles that look the most like historic old windows; between the glass grilles that make window cleaning easier inside and out; window grilles applied only to the interior of the window glass. Only you can decide which is right for your home and your lifestyle.

#4. Shop for New Window Curtains and Decor

Finally, what better way to celebrate the installation of replacement windows than by shopping for new curtains and window treatments? New curtains frame and draw attention to your windows by making a decorative statement in your home. As long as you’re changing your curtains, this may also be an opportunity to change some of your home’s decor to match.

Your new windows should be very energy efficient. If you purchased windows from Renewal by Andersen, your new fixtures will be made from low-E4 glass, which minimizes heat and cold transfer from inside to outside (and the reverse).

While you may have needed room darkening curtains in the past to block heat and keep your home cool in the summer, this should no longer be a necessary requirement. This leaves you free to purchase gauzy, lightweight window treatments that make a statement without blocking a lot of natural light. You’re free to buy the window treatments that look attractive without worrying about the temperature in your home.

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