Getting New Patio Doors

Keeping old and damaged patio doors can immediately affect your home’s interiors and instantly reduce its overall value and functionality. Today, we discuss signs you can watch out for to determine whether or not you should have your patio doors replaced.

 Patio Door

1. Cosmetic Damage
While some surface damage can leave your patio door looking dingy, it can be noted that they do not always necessitate a replacement. However, if the damage is excessive and cannot be simply repainted or refinished, then it might be best to consider having it replaced instead.

2. Difficulty Operating
If you are having a hard time whenever you open or close your patio door, or if it makes loud noises whenever you try to operate it, then you might be due for a replacement. Contact your trusted door company, and see if it is something that can be easily fixed with a few tweaks or if a replacement is inevitable.

3. Drafts and Heat Transfer
Experts note that a proper patio door should fit snugly within its frame. Once you notice drafts around your door, it may have warped due to age, in which case it is definitely recommended that you get a replacement to avoid high energy bills.

4. Leaks
Patio doors should always be air- and watertight. Water intrusion occurs when the seal around your patio door has lost its effectiveness. If there are leaks, puddles or an unusual amount of moisture buildup, you have to call for a trained professional immediately.

Above all, it’s not always urged that you wait for these signs to appear to justify having your patio doors replaced. If you need an upgrade, place your trust and home in our hands for your home improvement projects. Renewal by Andersen® of San Francisco is one of the leading window replacement companies in town. We lead the surrounding areas as experts in doors and windows. Call us today at (510) 214-4134 to schedule your free no-obligation consultation on replacement windows in San Francisco.

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