Helpful Tips to Bring More Natural Light Into Your Home

Artificial lighting will always be a convenient necessity in any home. On the other hand, natural light provides a rich, full-spectrum hue in your home that artificial bulbs can’t reproduce. It not only helps boost overall productivity but also keeps the monthly bills lower each month because of the reduced usage of artificial lighting.  

Helpful Tips to Bring More Natural Light Into Your Home

If you’re aiming for better energy efficiency, you should at least try to reduce your reliance on artificial lighting during the daytime. This means making use of natural light as much as possible, and it can be done with a few tips and tricks. Here are some best ones.

Consider Lighter Interior Colors

Did you know that white and other light colors reflect about 80 to 90 percent of natural light? The light reflectance value (LRV) can range from near to 100% when using pure white, making this color one of the brightest in the spectrum. If this particular color isn’t for you, you may consider painting your walls and ceilings with lighter colors. Like pure white, they can still provide the benefit of getting more natural light indoors.

Add Skylights and Bigger Windows

Skylights can provide more consistent natural light since they’re right under the sun. With the right placement, they’re also less likely to be blocked or shadowed by outdoor objects. Consider adding them to your hallways so that you get more natural light indoors. Depending on your home’s design, you can also consider adding one in your kitchen or bathroom if desired. If you’re already planning a window replacement this season, you can consider adding large windows in your living room and other similar spaces in your home.

Trim Overhanging Branches 

If you have shrubs or branches near your windows, they can partially block natural light. Some overhanging branches can also block the sunlight from getting in through the skylights, and if they’re already starting to obscure your view of the outdoors, it’s time to give them a proper trim. Doing this also reduces the amount of moisture accumulation in your home. Shrubs and other overgrown landscaping must also be trimmed on occasion to prevent them from blocking the windows. Otherwise, overgrown landscaping can become too expensive to trim and may even cause damage to your home during severe weather.

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