It’s Not Cold on Long Island Yet — But It’s Coming. High-Efficiency Windows Are Your Best Defense Against Winter Weather & Seasonal Affective Disorder

Replacement Windows Save Energy, Add LightIf you’re like most of us on Long Island, the memories of last winter’s polar vortex were shoved to the back of your mind by the typical summer heat and humidity this summer. But, winter is coming and we want you to be ready when it arrives, and that starts with your energy-wasting windows.

While our area won’t experience temperature extremes like the record of -81F set at Prospect Creek Camp, Alaska, we do get some really frigid weather here on Long Island.

Here’s what you need to know about Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement windows and keeping those harsh winter elements outdoors where they belong while still getting all the health benefits of natural sunlight.

Several studies, including one natural light study recently released by Northwestern University, confirm that we need natural sunlight to stay healthy – physically and mentally. Exposure to healthy amounts of natural light improves sleep quality, stabilizes metabolism and lifts your mood. So, it stands to reason that if you aren’t getting enough natural light, your health will suffer.

Bring in the Light!

As the days get shorter from now until the winter equinox in December, it’s important to get outside as much as possible and make sure to bring plenty of natural sunlight into your indoor spaces.

3 Options to Bring More Natural Light Into Your Life

  1. Replace some operable windows with a large picture window to expand your viewing area. A larger glass surface allows more sunlight into your indoor spaces, plus you get an unobstructed view. You could also install transom lights above operable windows to bring in more light. Skip the embellishments, such as grilles and awnings, that could disrupt light patterns.
  2. Select window styles with narrow frames. Low-profile sliding windows and patio doors save space and give you a larger viewing area than casement windows or double-hung designs. Low-profile windows also allow more light to naturally enter your home. Regardless of the style you choose, Renewal by Andersen of Long Island’s patented Fibrex composite frame material performs exceptionally well during all seasons – including cold winter months – to prevent moisture and air infiltration. Because Fibrex is stronger than vinyl, the frames can be thinner to allow in more light than a comparable vinyl window.
  3. Choose Low-E4® SmartSun™ glass which is 45% more energy-efficient during winter months than other glass options. Even though SmartSun™ glass blocks up to 95% of harmful UV rays from penetrating the glass, you’ll still enjoy almost as much natural sunlight as a non-tinted glass option.

Start Planning Today for Winter Weather

You might be wondering why you should be worrying about winter weather now – the temperature isn’t even close to cold yet. We aren’t trying to scare you into making a quick decision. Rather, we want you to have time to carefully consider your choices.

It’s a big investment to upgrade your home’s windows and patio doors and you shouldn’t make a rushed decision. It takes several weeks to build your custom-designed, high-performance Renewal by Andersen replacement windows. Even before we place the order with the factory, you’ll want plenty of time to explore our portfolio of window styles, glass options, hardware finishes and color combinations.

Benefits of Better Windows

When you think about all the things you stand to gain from installing high-quality replacement windows built with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship in your home – more natural light to support your family’s health and wellness, lower energy bills which save your family money, and low-maintenance designs that save both time and money normally spent on maintenance and upkeep – we hope you’ll agree that the benefits make the investment worthwhile.

We’re proud to offer a line of home improvement products that are rated among the best in the industry for controlling energy and protecting our environment. Along with our parent company, the Andersen Corporation, we strive to build every replacement window and patio door to out-perform customer expectations for quality and function.

Call Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Before the Winter Wind Blows

Right now we’re all enjoying the cooler temperatures and drier weather. Unfortunately, sooner than we’d like, the cold winds will start to blow and Old Man Winter will return.

To learn more about our replacement windows and patio doors designed to keep those frigid winter elements outdoors and bring more natural light indoors, just fill in the box on this page with your contact information. You can also give us a call toll-free at 1-877-313-9052.

Check out this post for more information on replacement window energy efficiency.

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