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You don’t have to wait for spring to start some improvement projects. During the colder months, there are many ways to enhance your home and save money on utilities in the process. When looking for a winter project, you’ll likely focus less on curb appeal and more on creating an energy-efficient and comfortable space. This time of year is an excellent time to embrace new ideas and ensure you dedicate time to transforming your space into your dream oasis.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out these home projects for winter.

1. Seal Any Cracks

Sealing your home is one of the most energy-efficient improvements you can make in the winter, allowing you to save around 15% on your heating costs. Sealing cracks keeps the cold out while ensuring the warmth stays in. This process lets you enjoy a more comfortable space for extended periods before adjusting the thermostat. While sealing cracks, you can also consider adding insulation to better protect your home and family from the winter cold.

2. Upgrade the Countertops

Your kitchen is an area that sees a lot of traffic. If you’ve noticed fading colors, discoloration or unsightly damage, upgrading your countertops is an excellent idea. Along with enhancing your space, you can also expect some return on your investment if you decide to sell in the future.

3. Change Some Hardware

Swapping out hardware on cabinets and doors is a simple change that can make a profound difference. You can easily complete this project on your own by removing the current pulls and installing new ones. Whether you want to coordinate your hardware with a recent backsplash or add some beautiful pieces to cabinets without pulls, this project is functional and easy.

4. Add Fresh Paint

If you want some new color for your home, the winter might be the best time to find some deals and revitalize your space. Whether you want to tackle this job on your own or hire a professional to create a new look, you can expect great results because there will be less humidity and moisture in the air. The lack of moisture and humidity will help your paint dry faster than in the summer, empowering you to complete the task in less time. You may even find some better paint job deals during the winter because work in this industry might slow down as the months get colder.

5. Consider New Flooring

Winter is a great time to consider new flooring. You’ll be spending a lot of your time indoors during the winter, so ensuring you love your floors can make a more comfortable at-home experience. Additionally, winter is one of the best times to install wood flooring, as moisture can quickly impact your wood floors. Winter air is much drier, and it’s easier to control the humidity levels. This means less moisture would become trapped in your floorboards compared to summer or spring installations.

6. Add Crown Molding

You can add crown molding to door frames, along the tops of cabinets and at the top of your walls. Adding crown molding can cover the nicks and dings your wall obtains over time. Bringing this idea to life involves prepping, painting and installing. The end result of this project will provide a heavy-duty look without using heavy materials to trek through the snow.

7. Revitalize the Laundry Room

Many laundry rooms lack features to make the washing and drying process easier. Simply adding shelving and bins for your detergent and baskets can transform the area into an organized space. You can also put a countertop over your washer and dryer to make it easy to transfer clothes from one machine to the other or begin the folding process in the laundry room. For an additional boost, you can add peel-and-stick wallpaper to make the room more welcoming and cozy so you find more enjoyment in your regular chores.

8. Focus on Your Bathroom

When you’re considering home remodeling for winter, take a look at your bathroom. You can easily give it a well-deserved refresh by re-grouting tiles and making minor changes to the space. For example, you can swap out your shower curtains, rugs and decor to create a seasonal theme or better reflect your current tastes. You can further update your space by adding a vanity, swapping out cabinet hardware, changing your light fixture and getting a new facet for your sink. Altogether, these small upgrades can have a significant impact.

9. Replace Your Windows

Replacing windows can be an excellent winter home improvement project. Along with adding a visual boost to your home, replacing your windows is functional and practical for fighting against the weather. If you have damaged or old windows, you could be losing valuable heat to the cold outside environment. Old windows can also result in mildew and mold buildup, which can impact your health.

Around half of your energy costs come from heating and cooling, so you could be losing a lot of money by living with windows that aren’t energy efficient. You might also find it easier to identify window issues during the winter, as cold air and whistling noises make it obvious where you have cracks, holes or damages. Installing certified windows can reduce your bills and help you stay warmer during cold months.

10. Get New Doors

Similar to your windows, replacing your doors is an excellent winter improvement project. An old door can experience similar issues as an old window, so it’s best to update your entryways to save money and stay warm. Replacement doors can provide energy efficiency and empower you to update your home. Along with shrinking your energy bills, a new door can better protect your home from break-ins and provide easier installation as there is less moisture and humidity to affect the door’s materials.

Find Window and Door Winter Home Upgrades

Having energy-efficient doors and windows during the winter is essential, and you should trust the professionals to deliver beautiful results.

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