Homeowner’s Worst Window Maintenance Habits

With proper maintenance, you can expect your windows to last for decades. The frame material, upkeep, usage, and weather conditions affect the lifespan of windows.

Many homeowners aren’t aware that some of their maintenance habits can speed up the need for a home window replacement. These are some habits you should avoid to preserve your windows.

Careless Washing

You have to be careful when washing areas near windows. Pressure washing and abrasive cleaning solutions can deteriorate a window’s seal. This can result in glass fogginess, energy efficiency loss, and may void your warranty.

Leaving Windows Unlocked

Windows are most efficient when they are locked. Locking tightens the seal between the sash and weatherstrip. It will help get rid of drafts and block noise. Unlocked windows let moisture enter your home. It will be visible through condensation, which can later lead to mold or rot. Renewal by Andersen® replacement casement windows features an easy-to-latch lever that securely locks at multiple points for a weather-tight seal.

Neglecting the Tracks

Dirty tracks can make it difficult to move or crack windows. Make sure to clean the debris and dirt in the window track to maintain smooth window operation.

Putting Down Window Coverings

Leaving window blinds or shades trap moisture near the windows and prevents airflow. It can lead to mold and rot, which can only be fixed by replacing windows. The lowest part of the window covering must be a few inches above the bottom of the sill.

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