How New Windows Can Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient

Caulking and weatherstripping can reduce air leakage, and window treatments can help reduce heat loss or gain. However, compared to new windows, these solutions do not have any significant effects on your home’s energy efficiency. If you want to maximize your energy savings, you should install new windows in your home.

New Windows

Here’s why you should replace your windows and how you can achieve greater energy efficiency with new windows.

Why You Should Replace Your Windows

  • To prevent fading. When furniture and other materials in your home are constantly exposed to sunlight, they fade over time. Energy-efficient windows typically have a low-emissivity (low-E) glass coating, which is a special coating that filters ultraviolet (UV) light and protects interior furnishings from fading. 

  • To switch to energy-efficient windows. Energy-efficient windows can keep you comfortable all year round. They work well in hot and cold climates by keeping unwanted air out and maintaining a comfortable and well-balanced temperature inside your home.

  • To benefit from energy savings. Installing new energy-efficient windows can help you save money on energy by lowering your heating and cooling bills.

How New Windows Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

  • Double-Pane Insulated Glass
    It insulates better than single-pane glass.

  • Low-E Glass Coating
    These coatings block infrared light and keeps hot or cold air out to keep a consistent indoor temperature.

  • Spacer
    It enables optimal airflow between glass panes. Excessive or restrictive airflow can have an impact on the efficiency of the insulating glass.

  • Airtight Frame
    Materials like vinyl, fiberglass and Fibrex® do an excellent job at heat transfer, heat reduction and insulation.

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