How Often Should You Clean Windows?

Window cleaning is a chore that’s often overlooked. Whether you have a few or several windows, cleaning them one by one can be daunting. However, windows should be kept clean as part of their maintenance. This will help avoid damage that could result in costly repairs. 

Clean Windows

But how often should you clean your windows?

How Often Should Window Cleaning Be Done?

Generally, experts recommend cleaning windows monthly. But if your windows are subjected to high amounts of pollen, air pollution, debris or dust, you may need to clean them more frequently to avoid dirt buildup and early glass deterioration. Heavy rainfall can also leave spots on dirty windows, so make sure to clean them up after the rain.

Benefits of Clean Windows

Cleaning your windows offers several benefits. But first and foremost, dirty windows are never good looking. if your windows are dirty, it takes away from the overall look of your home. Your property loses appeal and may appear poorly maintained. This can be a significant issue if you’re trying to sell your home.

Furthermore, keep in mind that dirty windows can damage the glass after some time. If dirt and grime build up on your windows, this can create scratches, stains or discoloration. Accumulated debris in the tracks can also affect the functionality of your windows. You may find them difficult to open and close, or your windows may not shut properly, failing to give your home an airtight seal.

Besides keeping your windows clean, you should also make sure that they are energy-efficient and damage-free. For all your window concerns, you can count on Renewal by Andersen® Midwest. We provide professional window and door services that meet varying requirements. Call us at (866) 609-5033, or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation.

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