How Replacement Windows Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Does your heating and cooling equipment struggle to keep your home at a comfortable temperature in the summer and winter? Do you hear the traffic and other noises outside your house like they’re right in your living room? Sounds like you might benefit from new energy efficient and noise-blocking replacement windows. The best new windows can improve your quality of life, raise the value of your house, reduce your home maintenance and more. Here’s what you need to know about how new replacement windows can make your life at home better overall.

Replacement Windows Can Provide Better Sound Insulation

Old windows – especially single-pane windows – have notoriously poor sound insulation. Even average replacement windows do little to prevent unwanted noises from entering your home. New, high quality, energy efficient windows can provide extra insulation against the sounds and temperatures outside your house, which means that you’ll hear less traffic and other noises when you’re inside your house with your windows shut.

Replacement Windows Can Provide Improved Temperature Control

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement windows are an award-winning product made using a variety of low-E glass products and Fibrex window frame material. Fibrex, the composite wood material that holds the glass also helps insulate and protect your window glass. If you’ve noticed that some rooms of your home are especially stuffy in summer, or drafty in winter, that’s a sign that the windows in your home could be poor insulators against heat transfer from outside temperatures. Installing new windows can help you control the temperature in your home, leading to increased comfort year-round. 

Replacement Windows Can Reduce Your Maintenance Chores

How much time do you spend painting those old windows in your house? How much time do you spend standing on ladders, cleaning unreachable window glass on your home’s exterior?

When you install Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New  York Metro windows made with Fibrex window frames, you’ll never have to paint your windows again. Cleaning windows also becomes easier when you install new windows – especially if you install double-hung windows from Renewal by Andersen. Simply tilt the glass inward to clean the glass exterior from inside your house. 

Replacement Windows are Easier to Open & Close

Old windows get stuck easily – and sometimes they don’t want to stay open because their springs and other parts have become broken over time. New replacement windows should be much easier to open and close, allowing you to bring fresh air and natural ventilation into your home on moderate days.

If easy opening and closing is important to you, casement windows may be your best option because they have a turn crank that does the job. This makes casements an especially good window type over counters and for anyone hoping to age in place – but really, any new quality window should be easy to open and shut once they’re installed.  

Replacement Windows Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Overall, replacement windows offer improved quality of life when they’re installed by keeping you warmer in winter and cooler in summer, decreasing noise, reducing maintenance chores, and perhaps even lowering your energy bills. Replacement windows can make your home more comfortable and can make operating your windows and maintaining your home easier.

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