How Replacement Windows Earn the ENERGY STAR® Label

When you’re installing replacement windows in your home, it’s highly recommended that you choose the right ones. After all, if you pick the right windows, you can improve your home’s energy efficiency by a significant amount. While choosing energy-efficient windows may seem difficult, doing so is actually easy to do: all you have to do is look for the ENERGY STAR label. But how exactly does a replacement window earn the ENERGY STAR label?

Here’s how:

How Replacement Windows Earn the ENERGY STAR Label

According to experts, a product can earn the ENERGY STAR label by meeting the energy efficiency requirements that were set forth in the product specifications of ENERGY STAR and these specifications are established by the EPA based on a few key guiding principles. For instance, a product category must contribute significantly to energy savings nationwide and in addition to increased energy efficiency, certified products must also deliver the features and performances demanded by consumers. Once these principles are met, a product is one step closer to earning the ENERGY STAR label.

Apart from the aforementioned principles, any windows contractor will also tell you that a replacement window can also earn the ENERGY STAR label by helping homeowners recover their investment via the energy bill savings they’ll get when their new windows increase their energy efficiency.

How Specifications Can Be Revised

Believe it or not, the specifications established by the EPA can be revised. Usually, this happens if a market share of ENERGY STAR certified products in a particular category is 50% or higher. However, that isn’t the only factor that weighs into the decision; in fact, the specifications put forth by the EPA can also be revised if there’s a change in the Federal minimum efficiency standards, if there are technological changes that help a product capture additional savings, product availability, performance or quality issues, significant issues with consumers realizing expected energy savings and issues with test procedures.

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