How to Create a Budget for Your Window Replacement Project

Whether you are planning to renovate your entire home or simply replace old, drafty windows, one of the essential things you need to accomplish during the planning stage is your budget for new windows. While setting a budget for a window replacement project may seem daunting at first, finding the right guidance can certainly help you make the most of your investment. 

How to Create a Budget for Your Window Replacement Project

Here are all the crucial considerations you need to make when budgeting for your new windows.

Budgeting for New Windows

Generally, homeowners find the appropriate budget for their window replacement project by negotiating the final price and contract terms with a reputable window contractor. A good contractor understands how stressful home improvements can be, and it is perfectly OK to expect them to manage the bulk of the work when it comes to minimizing costs before the replacement even begins. After all, some of the most valuable propositions they offer are expertise in the business and indispensable knowledge about taking full advantage of the local, state and federal rebates and incentives.

How Much Can You Afford?

It is only practical to ask yourself how much you can afford when building a budget for your window replacement project. You need to carefully consider your income and expenses, and find the figure of money you could put aside for the investment. An experienced windows contractor can offer insight outside your personal goals, so be sure to consult one to learn about all the financing options available to you.

On the assumption that you will finance your window replacement project, your home equity could play a vital role in working out your loan amount and interest rate. For instance, the more of your mortgage you have paid off, the greater your equity in the given property; and the more equity you have, the more powerful you are as a borrower, especially when it comes to your financial ability to purchase things.

Factors That Influence the Cost of New Windows

A lot of factors ultimately affect the total cost of your window replacement. Take a good look at them here:

  • Material
    Frame materials, such as wood, vinyl, aluminum and Fibrex®, deliver different benefits and usually come at varying price points. Each material also has its unique considerations like hardware style and performance features that influence the total cost of the window units. For example, vinyl is often the most affordable choice. It is lightweight, versatile and energy-efficient. Meanwhile, Fibrex is far superior to vinyl in terms of durability, energy efficiency and environmental impact. But of course, it comes with a higher price tag.
  • Window Style
    Common styles of windows — such as sliding, picture and double hung — are usually comparable in cost depending on the size. If, for instance, you choose to install a bow window, but your home does not have an opening for it, the replacement windows contractor will have to do a full reconstruction for the installation, increasing the total cost of the replacement.
  • Size and Quantity
    Size is another factor that plays an influential role in determining the overall cost of new windows. Large, tall and custom-shaped windows require more frame material, glass and labor to manufacture and, therefore, are more expensive than conventional double-hung and casement windows. On the other hand, many installers provide deals that make it more cost-effective to replace more windows at once, as opposed to replacing only one or two windows at a time. Be sure to check with the contractor if they offer a financing option that allows you to finish the replacement over a period.
  • Glazing Technologies
    The type of glass package you choose is another major contributor to the final price of window replacement. The standard is double-pane glass. Triple and quadruple glazing options are also available, but oftentimes homeowners find that the level of protection is not fully worth the cost of adding a pane of glass.
  • Energy-Efficient Features
    Apart from the glazing technology, there are many energy-efficient features that can significantly improve the performance and serviceable life of new windows. These include inert gas fills that are designed to offer superior insulation, low-emissivity (low-E) glass coatings that keep outside heat from getting into the living space, warm edge spacers that create a seal around the panes of glass and weatherstripping that keeps uncomfortable drafts out of your property.
  • Professional Installation
    While there is a long list of do-it-yourself tasks you can do around your home, replacing windows is not one of them. The removal and installation of windows is a meticulous process that requires the right set of skills, safety tools and equipment, and precise attention to detail. A simple mistake like failure to adhere the flashing or not sealing the nailing fins could cause air leaks or, worse, premature failure of the windows. When getting an estimate from a windows contractor, make sure you get a detailed breakdown of the overall cost, including professional installation. Depending on the type of installation, some window installers may charge per project while others do it per hour.
  • Certifications and Warranties
    When installing new windows in your home, you are not solely paying for the cost of materials and workmanship. Products that are tested and proven come with strong warranties. Usually, lifetime warranties provide coverage for a specified length of time. Limited lifetime warranties, on the other hand, will cover certain types of defects and may not include the cost to fix the issue. Make sure to read your contract carefully since the warranty period typically varies for different components of the window. 

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