How To Customize Your Home With Specialty Replacement Windows from Renewal by Andersen of Long Island.

Long Island Specialty Replacement WindowsReplacement windows with geometric shapes create focal points that enhance the overall design elements of your Long Island home. Whether you want to soften harsh edges or add a whimsical touch, special shapes help you create a unique appearance that reflects your decorating style and your home’s character. You can match certain features of existing windows or add something totally different, like replacing a square window with half circle mulled over a casement window pair configured to open outward like a French-style patio door.

Personalize Your Long Island Dwelling with Specialty & Geometric Shaped Replacement Windows

Uniquely shaped windows are manufactured with the highest energy-efficiency features. Because they don’t typically open and close, they provide long-lasting durability, exceptional energy-efficiency and enhanced security in a beautiful package. Among the many shapes to choose from, you’ll find quarter and half round styles, eyebrow and half-eyebrow, oval, full circle, triangle and trapezoid shapes. A few other fixed window shapes in our portfolio are listed below.

  • Peak Pentagon
  • Hexagon
  • Circle Top
  • Unequal Leg Arch
  • Octagon
  • Equal Leg Arch
  • Unequal Springline

Get Creative with Grilles

Custom sizes and shapes give you almost unlimited design options for updating your Long Island home. But, decorating options don’t begin and end with choosing a best-fit shape with the highest-energy efficiency rating. You can further customize your home windows with any number of grille layouts. Configuring grid patterns that enhance architectural details or mimic existing features adds to your home’s unique appearance and personality.

Mix and Match Your Elements

Some people automatically think of a nautical theme when they see a round window, but circle windows complement many diverse building styles. And, although Gothic patterned grilles installed on specialty window create a certain celestial perspective, elegant arch windows make an impressive statement without any embellishments. Mixing and matching elements allows you to create stunning focal points. Feel free to combine two or more shapes, build your replacement windows with one of our four patterned glass choices to enhance privacy and design custom grille patterns uniquely suited to your home or neighborhood atmosphere.

Below are a few examples from our gallery to inspire you.

Specialty-1Notice how the homeowner used a combination of rectangles, quarter-round and half circle components create a welcoming appearance and soften the hard lines in architectural elements.

Specialty-2In this example, a specialty window joined to two operational windows provides a clear, unobstructed view of the exterior scenery and provides ample ventilation opportunities.

Specialty-3Beautiful Peak Pentagon windows mimic the roof line and accentuate the main architectural style of this home.

Naturally, most homeowners don’t want to replace every window in their home with a specialty window. But, when plain and boring just won’t do, our replacement window professionals can help you explore your options. Whether you want curves, arches, crisp straight lines or a stunning accent for your cathedral ceiling, our expert craftsmen at the factory can help you achieve your decorating vision. The right combination of “traditional” window shapes and customized specialty windows helps you create unique, visually appealing assets inside and outside your home.

Make a Game Plan for Your Long Island Home’s Specialty Replacement Windows

Designing custom-built replacement windows for your Long Island home is an exciting venture. Writing a remodeling plan is a good starting point if you are just starting to think about upgrading your home windows. You may be updating one of the many historic homes in our area and want windows that maintain the original design characteristics. You could be considering remodeling a water-front property to improve energy-efficiency and comfort. Whatever reason you have for looking into replacement window options, we’re glad you visited our website to learn more about specialty windows. If you need more information about different styles and features, we can help you gather the information you need to make wise financial decisions. Please feel free to browse our site and read some of our past blog posts.

Let Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Window Consultants Guide Your Journey

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