How To Make Your Home’s Windows More Beautiful

Your windows are the eyes of your home. They help define the style and character of your house and they frame your views of the world outside. They should be lovely and accent the beauty of your home. Shabby windows make your whole house look sad, inside and out.

If you think there’s room for improvement in your windows, then make this the year that you beautify your home’s windows. By making repairs, dressing up window frames, updating window treatments and replacing windows that need it, you can make your home a more lovely place to spend time.

Repair Windows First

Broken windows are unattractive and inefficient. If there are many broken windows in your home, they can also drag down the value of your property. It’s important to make any repairs before you take additional steps to beautify your windows.

Hire a handyman or a window repair professional to make the repairs to your windows. Some common problems that you may experience with your old windows includes:

  • Broken glazing. If your windows are made of wood, you can replace the broken glazing yourself with window putty and the right size glass. If your windows are made of another material, you may need to get help from a pro.
  • Broken mechanics in the window. Double hung and single hung windows rely on mechanical parts and weights or springs inside the frame to help open and hold the window open. When these parts break, they need to be repaired by an expert.
  • Foggy glass. Foggy glass is a common problem in older dual pane windows and means that you’ve lost the seal between the two insulating panes of glass. Get a professional to help you make these repairs.

Dress Up Window Frames with A New Paint Color

Window frames are often painted white, but they don’t have to be! Painting your window frames an unconventional color can bring out the beauty of your windows. Choosing a color other than white can also add a sense of style and beauty to your room. If you have wood windows, you’ll need to scrape and sand the window frames before painting. If your windows are aluminum or steel, be sure to get off any rust or oxidation and use the correct kind of paint for those materials. If your window frames are vinyl, you might want to check with the manufacturer to determine if you can paint them and if so, how

Before painting all the window frames a color other than white, paint the color on one window and see how you feel. If you like it, do it for the rest of your windows.

Update Window Treatments

Window treatments express your home’s personality, give your home a sense of flare, and beautify your windows inside and out. Styles change periodically, so if you haven’t updated your window treatments recently, then it’s probably time.

To give your home a freshness and airiness, put away those old heavy curtains that block light. Focus on curtains that allow light to filter gently into your home. Sheers and lightweight cotton curtains add beauty and elegance to your indoor spaces while also providing privacy when you need them.

Replace Windows in a New Style

If your windows are beyond repair or if you’re just tired of your old windows and want an all-new look, consider replacing your old windows with a new style. Convert your double hung windows to casements, or turn that picture window in your living room into a bay window. There are many options available to you.

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