How to Prepare Your Home for Your Window Replacement Project

Windows are replaced for many reasons. While some reasons are visible, such as damaged frames and broken glass, others may be more subtle and won’t easily be detected, including drafts and condensation. Even if your current windows look intact, if they’re already old and have air leaks, choosing not to replace them will only cost you more in the long run. For instance, air leaks can force your HVAC to work harder than normal to maintain indoor temperatures, which means you’ll consume more energy and end up with higher utility bills. 

How to Prepare Your Home for Your Window Replacement Project

A full window replacement project is a big investment that takes careful planning and consideration. It’s also a time-consuming process, but worth spending if you choose the right product and hire a capable contractor for the job. But since you only ever go through the process at least once or twice in your lifetime, you’re most likely not aware of what happens during a typical replacement job. 

As a homeowner, you might also be wondering whether you should keep your home empty during the installation. This isn’t usually necessary unless you’re doing a major redo, but it’s a different story if you have active pets and children. As such, you’ll have to make the right preparations before and during the replacement process to ensure their safety. 

Window replacement is more than just choosing the right set of bay and casement windows. You’ll need to work with your hired contractor right from the beginning so that the installation process goes as smoothly as possible. 

Before Window Replacement

It’s important to talk to your hired contractor about the details of your upcoming window replacement. As soon as you decide on which type(s) of windows you want to be installed in your home, you’ll need to get a detailed quote before signing the contract. Set a convenient date and time for your window installation so that you can be sure to be present throughout the replacement process. 

You’ll also have to make sure your children or pets are safe during the window installation. You wouldn’t want them to roam around your home during the replacement process, or else they could get injured. If you don’t think you can keep them away from the new windows being brought in and installed, consider letting them stay in a different location from your home. This can be your neighbor’s place or a family friend’s home, and they can keep them safe and secure.

You should also consider taking time off work on the day they install your new casement windows. If you’re currently working remotely and have a dedicated home office, you can instruct the workers to start replacing the windows in that room so that you can resume work as soon as it’s done while they move on to other parts of your home. 

During Window Replacement

As you prepare your home for your upcoming replacement project, make sure to remove the window treatments from your current windows. This includes draperies, curtains, sheers, blinds, shades and so on. Any paintings, framed pictures or any hanging decorations near your windows must be taken down as they could get dirty from the particles during the installation process. The vibration from the tools the workers will use can also shake them off the wall and damage them!

The workers must also have easy access to each room where the windows will be replaced. Throughout the replacement process, they’ll be taking out your old windows and carrying the new ones to each room before installing them. That’s why, as Clarksville’s trusted experts in replacement doors and windows, we recommend that you clear a walking path for the workers. This means there should be a pathway from the main entrance to each of the windows that will be replaced, and it must be free of any obstacles. Remove any plants, furniture, rugs or any other items that might cause blockage or accidental slips. 

There should also be enough space outside your home for their equipment, such as lifts, scaffolding and ladders. They’ll be used to replace the windows on the upper floors of your home. Remove any nearby patio furniture, potted plants, trash cans, landscape features or any other outdoor items that can get in the way. 

After Window Replacement

Window replacement jobs are often completed in one to two days for most average-sized homes. Once they’re done, they’ll usually start with the cleanup procedure for disposing of old windows and debris. While they take care of most of the mess from the installation, you should also think of how you can clean your home once they’re done. Make sure there’s a dumpster delivered to your home before the installation starts as you’ll be using it to properly dispose of the debris generated from your window installation.

Once everything’s clean, you can proceed to put everything back in place. That means rehanging your window treatments and wall decorations, placing back the rugs and indoor furniture, and also putting back the patio and landscape features back where they belong. Don’t forget the smaller display items and valuables that you kept earlier in your storage room!

Other Tips to Keep in Mind

Although it isn’t necessary to provide meals or any type of food service to the window installers onsite, it’s still a nice gesture to do so, especially if you have a big home, and there are a lot of windows to replace. Even a crate of sealed bottled water will often be appreciated! You shouldn’t be constantly watching over them as well in each window removal and replacement; it’s better to let them do their job. However, make sure to inform them that they can call on you anytime in case they have any inquiries regarding the window replacement process.

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