How to Protect Exterior Doors from Freezing

Winterizing your home is a must to keep you and your family comfortable during the season. Checking your double-hung or sliding windows for leaks should be a given for every homeowner before the winter sets in. Preventing exterior doors from freezing shut should also be one of the top priorities.

Why Do Doors Sometimes Freeze Shut?  

Of course, not all doors freeze during winter. The first thing to look for when your door is prone to freezing during winter is the moisture coming from your home.

When the relative humidity in your home is high and the door is not properly sealed, the trapped moisture will escape through the gaps and condense. As the temperature drops further, the condensation will quickly freeze before it has the chance to evaporate or be removed.  The same is true for windows that is why you need a contractor that can do proper windows installation.

Prevention Methods

Now that you know the root cause of frozen doors, you can better address the issue. Here are some tips to keep your door from freezing.

  • Make sure that your door is properly sealed. If you can prevent moisture from your home from leaking out, then there is less possibility of ice forming on your doors.
  • You can apply an insulating lubricant like WD-40 to the tracks of your sliding door or the door threshold. This type of lubricant has a much lower freezing point than water and can prevent your door from freezing shut.
  • Control the humidity in your home. You can turn on an exhaust fan for a longer period to keep the moisture out. You can also open a window for a few minutes each day just when the temperature is near freezing to vent the humidity from your home.
  • If you have sliding doors, keep the drapes or blinds open so that the warm air from your home can come in contact with the glass to keep it warm.
  • You can open your patio door for a few minutes during the day when the temperature is not that low. This will break any frozen particles that may have accumulated the previous night.

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