How to Stage Your Home’s Windows to Look Their Best

Your windows can be an asset when you’re trying to sell your house, especially with the right window dressings. Good window dressing should let in lots of light while also making your room look larger and airier overall. If you’re staging your house for buyers, these tips can help you choose the right window dressings for your home.

Clean Windows and Improve the View

First thing’s first – start by cleaning your windows. Clean your windows inside and out to ensure that your windows will allow as much light as possible into your home. Take this time to assess the view out of your windows to be sure the view your buyers see is the view you want them to see. Trim back any overgrown shrubs outside the windows that might be blocking the view! Finally, check the window sills and window frames. Decide whether now is the time to repaint or clean your window frames, and if it is, get the job done.

Hang Sheers Over Your Windows

Home-buyers like to see light-filled rooms. Hang sheer curtains to let light in while maintaining privacy, if it’s needed. Buy quality sheers that look and feel good. In most rooms, white or cream-colored sheers are best to let in the most light while providing some privacy.

Put the Rod Up High

Place the curtain rod high above the windows to add height and airiness to the room. How high? Don’t be afraid to take your rods up almost to the ceiling. If you’re nervous about this move and want some feedback from a friend or family member, ask someone to stand back while you hold the curtain rod up high over the windows just to get a second opinion.

Remove Heavy Drapes

Heavy drapes can make rooms look dark and moody, which is not what you want when you’re trying to sell a house. Remove any blackout curtains or heavy drapes and replace them with cottony curtains that allow sunlight to filter through.

Keeping the Same Window Treatments? Clean Them!

You don’t have to replace your window treatments if you’re trying to stage your house, but you should at least wash them to ensure they’re as clean as possible. Take down your curtains to wash them in the washing machine, or vacuum them to get rid of the dust.

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