In-Home Window Consultations: Questions You Should Ask

Pre-made windows are made according to a set of dimensions, which is why they’re not always a great fit for your home. Renewal by Andersen® manufactures windows differently. Each home window replacement we make is custom-fit to our customers’ needs. That’s why we offer free consultations to our customers.

In these consultations, one of our consultants will try to determine your needs to create a window that will be a great fit for your home. Don’t know what to ask or where to start? Not to worry; Renewal by Andersen® Midwest lists below the questions every homeowner should ask.

What Are the Materials That Are Best Suited to Your Area’s Climate?

You’d naturally want to make sure your new windows would last longer than your old windows. And the key to choosing a durable window is picking a material that’s suited to your area’s climate. This Midwest experiences erratic weather conditions, so we recommend choosing a material that can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations.

Given the extreme weather patterns and rising power costs, it would make financial sense to choose energy-efficient windows. The potential long-term savings on heating and cooling costs far outweigh the extra costs of choosing energy-efficient glass.

How Do You Close and Open This Type of Window?

This may seem like an unnecessary question, but a window’s design style and its corresponding opening mechanism has implications on its ease of use and maintenance. Sliding windows, for example, are easy to open, but their tracks and rollers need to be cleaned frequently. Otherwise, dirt and grime will slowly build up on the metal tracks, making it harder to slide the window across.

The window style and opening mechanism can also have implications for security. Windows with wide glass areas can improve the lighting in your home, but they’re not the most secure choice. Unwanted guests can easily break the glass and enter your home.

If you want your home to be more secure, an ordinary window latch isn’t enough. You’d need a window with a strong locking mechanism, like replacement casement windows.

What Finish and Color Will Best Complement My Interior and Exterior?

Our consultants can help you pick a finish, color, and window style that will fit in with your home’s wider aesthetic.

From casement windows to double hung replacement windows, Renewal by Andersen Midwest offers a wide variety of premium windows. To schedule a free consultation, call us at (866) 609-5033 or fill out this form.

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