Increasing Your Home’s Value With New Windows

There are plenty of ways to add value to your home. Remodeling the bathroom is one, having a deck or patio installed is another. You can even go the tech route and invest in smart home technology to make daily life easier and more convenient. But sometimes, increasing the value of your Tennessee home is as simple as getting new windows. Renewal by Andersen® of Knoxville, a premier window and sliding patio doors installer, shares more of what you need to know. 

Increasing Your Home’s Value With New Windows

First, the Numbers

Compared to other high-cost home renovations like kitchen remodels and composite deck additions, new windows installation has a higher rate of return. Depending on the material and glass, new windows allow you to recoup up to 75% of the money you spend on them. In case you’re planning to sell your home, you can add a fair amount at resale and get up to an 80% return on investment.

New windows make increased home value possible in these ways:

  • Improved Curb Appeal

Just like the roof, siding and patio doors, windows are an integral part of exterior home design. Windows that are lovely and new boost not only your home’s curb appeal but also its overall value. This can be advantageous if you’re putting your home on the market, as you’ll find that having new windows can draw in more prospective buyers and promote a faster sale. But even if you’ve decided to make your current residence your forever home, new windows can still provide great value for the money. They certainly add to the sense of satisfaction that comes with owning a beautiful and well-maintained home.

But here’s the thing: you’ll need to make sure your new windows actually fit with your home’s aesthetics. The safest choice is to go with windows that are traditionally associated with a particular architectural style. For instance:

  • Traditional homes like Colonial, Craftsman, Farmhouse and Cape Cod are often graced by double-hung windows.
  • Spanish Mission, Mediterranean and French Tudor homes look good with casement windows.
  • Bay and bow windows are ideal in Queen Anne homes.
  • Picture and gliding windows — along with sliding patio doors — are the staples in modern and contemporary home styles.

These possibilities are definitely open to personal preferences. With the proper choice of frame color, grille patterns and hardware finishes, you can make your new windows match seamlessly with your home regardless of its architectural style.

  • Greater Energy Savings

Basically, a home that’s energy-efficient will have greater value compared to a home that’s not. Old and failing windows can account for up to 30% of energy loss in your home, so why not prevent this by investing in newer, more energy-efficient ones? But this is where framing material and glass come into play — two factors that can affect the energy performance of both windows and patio doors.

That’s why it pays to carefully consider the materials for your windows and replacement doors. Take vinyl windows, for example. They’re cost-effective and versatile but tend to warp when exposed to extreme heat. Check out wood windows, which are strong and offer great insulating properties, but are susceptible to moisture damage and rot. These can create openings in the window frames that allow valuable heating or cooling energy to leak out of your home.

When it comes to energy-efficient window performance, you can do better than vinyl or wood. The replacement windows offered by Renewal by Andersen of Knoxville are made of revolutionary Fibrex® composite. This exceptional material is impervious to warping, rot and corrosion, allowing for windows that are tougher and long lasting. When closed, Fibrex windows create a strong airtight seal that prevents leakage and significant energy loss.

Pair our Fibrex windows with our High-Performance™ Low-E4® SmartSun™ glass and you’ll notice a marked reduction in your energy bills. That’s because our advanced glass reduces heat transfer into your home during the summer and prevents heated air from escaping outside during the winter. Together these components create windows that can keep your home thermally comfortable in any season without high energy costs. Renewal by Andersen also uses the same technology in the design and construction of replacement doors. Both our windows and patio doors are ENERGY STAR®-qualified, so you can be sure they have passed, and even exceeded, stringent energy performance standards.

  • Increased Functionality

New windows can add value to your home when they’re used to meet a specific need. Bay and bow windows, for instance, have a deep sill area that can serve as a cozy breakfast nook, small storage area or a handy surface for displaying plants and knick-knacks. Picture windows, meanwhile, can maximize your viewing area, which is desirable if your home overlooks a stunning outdoor view. What’s more, picture windows can also increase your access to natural light. 

Do you plan to make your home more accessible? Sliding windows, with their smooth operation, can be very useful to those who have difficulty with fine motor skills. Do you want to keep your home naturally cool and comfortable without needing to crank up the air conditioner? Double-hung and casement windows can draw fresh cooling breezes into your living space.

Schedule a Window Consultation

Aside from patio doors installation, Renewal by Andersen of Knoxville can also work on your window replacement needs. Let us help you increase the value of your Maryville, TN, home with our high-quality window services. You may get in touch with us by calling (866) 609-5033 or filling out this contact form. We’d love to hear from you!

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