Installing a Flower Box Outside Your Window

Having plant box outside your window makes it look old fashioned and lovely. The box itself brings out the old fashioned look, while the flowers add the lovely.

Plant boxes can be put together and attached under your window in three different ways. You can put one together from scratch, follow the directions of a window plant box kit, or get creative with antique boxes.

Do-It-Yourself Plant Box

A do-it-yourself window plant box is made from 5 pieces of any wood that you prefer, attached together to form a rectangle box that is the width of the window you are going to put it under.

On the wall where you are going to hang the box, attach three anchors.  These three anchors are 2 x 4 pieces of wood that are about 6 inches long.  Each anchor is attached to the wall using the correct type of screws for the material that it is being attached to (wood, concrete, etc.).

Once the anchors are in and the wood plant box is made, attach the plant box to the anchors.

To finish, drill holes in the bottom of the box (to drain the water) and fill with about an inch of gravel.  On top of the gravel fill with potting soil until it is about an inch from the top.

Now your new window plant box is ready for its plants.

Store Kit Window Plant Box

A plant box that comes from a store kit works basically the same as one that you do yourself.  The only difference is that the store kit usually comes with all of the materials that you need to build the plant box and the materials are usually of cheaper quality than one you do yourself.

With a store kit plant box make sure that you follow all of the directions in the kit, so that it turns out correctly.

Antique Window Plant Box

With an antique plant box, instead of building your own plant box you are going to look for one instead.  You can usually find old wooden boxes that will work well as window plant boxes at antique stores.  Old crates, fruit boxes, storage boxes and wine boxes all work well.

To secure your antique window plant box, follow the directions from the do-it-yourself plant box for the wall anchors.

You will also need to protect your antique window plant box from water, by lining the inside with plastic.  Cut holes in the bottom of the plastic and the box to allow for water to drain out, and place rocks over the holes in the plastic.

With any of these window box projects, you will soon have an improved look to your home and a beautiful new view looking out your windows.

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