Is It Better To Leave Windows Open When During Summer?

With your air conditioning system running 24/7, many homeowners don’t feel the need to crack open their windows, or they just simply forget especially during the summer. After all, if your air conditioner is doing its job and keeping indoor temperatures at a comfortable level, why even bother?

Is It Better To Leave Windows Open When During Summer?

In today’s post, window replacement company Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey explains the benefits of strategically opening a few windows during summer.

Reduced Energy Consumption

This is the most obvious benefit of opening your windows. You would be surprised at how much money you can save by giving your air conditioning unit a break for a couple of hours a day during the summer. If you’re worried about pests getting in through your open windows, you can install protective screens that can keep bugs out while letting the fresh air in.

It Is Better for Your Air Conditioner

Giving your air conditioner tiny breaks so that it doesn’t run constantly day and night can go a long way towards extending its serviceable life. While most air conditioners are built like workhorses, it is never a bad idea to give it a little rest every once in a while so that some of its components don’t get worn down too quickly. So do open your windows from time to time, your AC unit will thank you for it.

You Can Enjoy the Scenery

During the summer, nature’s majesty is in full display – the birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming. What better way to appreciate it than by opening your windows?

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