Keeping Your Home Clean During a Window Replacement Project

Dust and dirt are inevitable during a window replacement project. Fortunately, there are ways for you to keep your home clean while the installers are doing their job. 

Keeping Your Home Clean During a Window Replacement Project

1. Close off the work area. The best way to keep the dirt in one place is to close off the work area. Make sure to keep the work area closed and inaccessible to family members while the window replacement project is ongoing. This will ensure that cleaning afterwards will be easier than letting the dust and dirt get everywhere.

2. Force the dust outside. Set up fans around your window that will be facing away from your home. This way, all dirt and dust will be blown away as the installers are removing the old windows to make way for the replacement units. However, make sure that the winds aren’t strong on that day. The wind may just blow the dust back inside.

3. Tape your vents. During the day of the replacement, make sure that your vents where the window replacement will take place are covered. This reduces the chances of your HVAC system sucking in the dust and blowing it throughout your home. You can also choose to turn your entire HVAC system off for the day if the weather is bearable.

From start to finish, you will be at ease while working with Renewal by Andersen® of San Francisco on your window replacement project. Each employee holds pride and passion for our work, and enjoys helping you improve your home. 

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