Think Shopping for Long Island Replacement Windows is Boring? Think Again!

Long Island Replacement Window Shopping is Fun
Long Island Replacement Window Shopping is Fun

It’s true – many people choose to install replacement windows from Renewal by Andersen of Long Island as an investment toward saving money on utility bills and protecting the market value of their homes. But, shopping for replacement windows is about more than function and finance.

Designing your home’s new replacement windows doesn’t have to be a boring, tedious tasks. In fact, we believe you can take care of the essentials and still have fun in the process.

The sidelights and transoms you install around entrance doors and replacement patio doors help you create a smooth transition for your guests. You decide if you want to add a dramatic flair or create a first impression that generates a more casual, laid back tone. Complementary windows bring more natural light into your home and enrich your home’s architectural character, too.

Have fun exploring colors and grille patterns until you find just the right combination to express your style and your message to guests and passersby.

Bay Bow Replacement WindowBay windows not only create a stunning curb appeal, they create opportunities to add extra storage space, create a cozy reading nook, create grand views and improve ventilation. Replacing a standard window in your Long Island home with a beautiful bay window adds extra living space without investing in an expensive room addition.

Have fun designing your bay configuration. Whether you choose to flank a center fixed window with casement windows or you choose to flank an over-sized double-hung replacement window with fixed windows, figuring out what you’ll do with the added floor space is a bonus.

Remember to consider your rooms behind the windows as you let your creative juices flow. It’s safer to install double-hung windows in nurseries and playrooms for ventilation because you can lower the upper, rather than the lower, sash, which makes it less likely a small child could fall or climb out the window while unattended.

Long Island Specialty Replacement WindowAccent and specialty windows let you add a touch of elegance or playfulness to an otherwise balanced and symmetrical façade without diminishing the original architectural character. Centering a half circle window with between-the-glass grilles to accentuate the shape above a rectangular windows adds a bit of interest that draws the eye. Installing a full circle window (or artfully combining four quarter circle windows) under an attic eave draws the eye and creates an interesting focal point.

Want to create an atmosphere of openness and airiness? Consider a window wall. Carefully selecting trim and glass options lets you create an expansive viewing area and flood your indoor spaces with more natural light without compromising architectural style.

Windows walls offer the best of two worlds by combining traditional architectural design with high-performance Low-E glass and modern technology. You get a warm, inviting room year round. When you install low-profile replacement window styles and Renewal by Andersen sliding patio doors, you’ll gain all the benefits window walls offer and create beautiful, functional entryways.

Long Island arched replacement windowLooking for something crisp, clean and contemporary? Think your style leans more traditional? No worries. Designing replacement windows for your Long Island home is really limited only by your imagination. You don’t have to compromise style to get superior performance and energy-efficient windows thanks to Fibrex frames and our impressive line of ENERGY STAR certified glass options.

mix-and-match1Feel free to mix and match window styles and shapes. Choose traditional color combinations or opt for pine interiors that allow you to customize your interior spaces with trending hues in your favorite color palette.


mix-and-match2At Renewal by Andersen of Long Island, our window consultants understand that investing in replacement windows and upgrading your patio doors is an investment you’ll want to consider carefully. We offer our customers a full line of replacement window and patio door products designed to save you money and time throughout the years you own your home.

We’ll give you all the information you need to ensure you make wise decisions. But, you don’t have to sideline your imagination to make wise financial decisions. In fact, some of our happiest customers are the ones who successfully balanced their imagination with practical considerations.

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