Matching the Window Style to a Specific Room

Matching the Window Style to a Specific Room

Choosing which window style goes with which room is one of the most critical parts of designing a new home or planning a major remodel. You shouldn’t just pick whatever looks good on paper and put it in your plan because each room has a unique set of requirements.

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Here are a few recommendations to matching windows to specific rooms:

  • Living room – Living rooms tend to be one of the largest rooms in the house and therefore can accommodate the biggest windows. As the bigger the room is, the more natural light it will need, so windows with large glass areas are ideal. Bay or bow windows are best for the glass area to wall area ratio, but windows that can accommodate extended widths like sliding windows are also a good choice. The increased amount of sunlight could mean increased indoor heat gain, but our High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass options bounces solar heat back up, while admitting natural light just like clear glass.

  • Dining room – Dining rooms are often used towards the evening, making natural lighting less of a priority. We recommend windows that are easy to maintain and operate, like casement or double hung windows, unless the dining room happens to face an interesting evening view—in which case picture windows are a better choice.

  • Kitchen – The kitchen is the busiest area in the house, so the windows should provide ample amounts of natural light while being wide enough for quick ventilation. Kitchen windows should also be the easiest to operate. Windows that can be operated by one hand, such as casement or sliding windows, are best, especially if you need to crack one open to quickly vent cooking smells out of the kitchen.

  • Bedrooms – Ventilation and natural light are two main requirements in bedrooms. Bay or bow windows are the best choice, with casement and double hung windows a close second. The latter is ideal for upper-level rooms as it’s easier to clean from the indoors; our double hung windows feature sashes that can be easily tilted inwards.

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