Modern Replacement Window Styles for Long Island Homes

Long Island Replacement Windows & Doors ModernRenewal by Andersen of Long Island has a full portfolio of modern replacement window styles for your home. Of course., “modern” is a somewhat ambiguous term, so allow us to explain. Our replacement windows are modern in the sense that we use the latest technology and design techniques to custom-build replacement windows and patio doors. This means you have access to high-performance windows precision-crafted for energy-efficiency and long-lasting beauty.

But, modern also refers to a decorating or architectural style that fits under the general umbrella of contemporary building styles. When you are selecting options for new windows, each detail – frame width, check rails, grilles, color choices – impact the overall appearance and decorative appeal. Here is more information on two distinct styles that fall into the modern category.

Art Deco

Characterized by simple, clean lines, Art Deco style homes typically have smooth interior surfaces, geometric shapes and rounded corners rather than harsh details. Most doors and windows don’t have window sills and are flush with the wall. You may see a full circle window or a semi-circle feature above an exterior door; however, low horizontal shapes are more typical.


When people discuss Prairie Style, you may hear Frank Lloyd Wright mentioned. Wright, an architect known for creating home designs that meld into the natural landscape, introduced this style that became popular in the early 20th century. If you like spacious, open floor plans with large windows, this may be your preference. Over-sized fixed windows and sliding patio doors that allow you to connect your indoor and outdoor spaces are more common in these homes than windows with intricate grille designs or patterned glass that blocks the view of natural surroundings just beyond the walls.

Carefully selecting options during the replacement window design phase allows you to create an appealing appearance, whether you’re looking for ways to create a contemporary look with clean, simple lines or you want opportunities to expand your viewing area and enhance the flow between your natural surroundings and your indoor living spaces.

Tips for Creating the Modern Look Your Home Deserves

Like a fine piece of artwork, picturesque views deserve to be framed. Shapes, colors and styles allow you to capture a beautiful view and take advantage of opportunities to highlight unique architectural details in your home. Bay windows are a nice option for many homes that can help add a bit of extra interior floor space.

Grilles aren’t generally installed on windows where showcasing an exterior view is the goal. However, standard and customized patterns give homeowners a decorating option to add some interest to the curb appeal. Add a touch or design a masterpiece, the choice is yours. Crisscrossed and diamond patterns typically cover the full width and height of a window panel, while simple grille patterns may only provide a border detail. You can also choose to only install grilles in only the upper sash (or lower sash) of double hung windows.

If you want clean, crisp lines, consider awning or hopper windows. You’ll often see awning windows in older neighborhoods and apartment buildings. Hinged at the top, these windows open outward at an angle. A similar style, hopper windows, are hinged at the bottom and pull inward, You’ll often see hopper style windows installed above doorways or other windows. One significant difference in the two is that hopper windows don’t provide a way to deflect rain like awning windows, so they should be installed under an exterior eave or other architectural feature to shield them from rain – or make sure your windows are closed when cloudy skies or weather forecasters are predicting precipitation in our area.

While complementing the exterior aesthetic of your home is important, don’t forget to consider how your new replacement windows will impact the overall interior design and how your windows with function. For example, choose window styles that allow plenty of light and air flow for bathrooms, especially if the room is small. Decide whether you want to showcase the outdoors or install between-the-glass grilles to add some decorative interest.

Go Modern with Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Windows

Different sizes, shapes and colors all contribute to the overall tone of your Long Island replacement windows. Low profile sliders and simple awning windows installed flush against the wall present a modern look that fits almost any home. If you’re looking for modern windows precision built using state-of-the-art technology and superior craftsmanship, we can help.

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