New Patio Doors Improve Summer Entertaining on Long Island


Warmer weather in Long Island often means gathering around an outdoor patio, deck, fire pit or grill with friends and neighbors. Those of you who are considering installing replacement windows this year, may want to consider be updating side and rear entrance doors at the same time. Here are a few Renewal by Andersen of Long Island tips for giving your deck or patio a huge color lift while making your outdoor spaces more functional for guests and family alike.

Creating an Inviting Space for Entertaining

Your deck doesn’t have to be beige and boring. Bring in a comfortable lounger (or two) that invites guests to relax and stay awhile. Add small tables for holding plates and glasses. Using furniture that is easy to slide or pick up and move makes it easy to rearrange seating areas that invite personal conversation, without excluding anyone from the larger party.

Choose cushions and pillows with vibrant blues, golds, greens and reds. Scatter a few flowering plants around the patio to add natural texture and color to the mix. When choosing plants, select a variety that allows you to add height and depth to your space. Don’t be afraid to use metal, wood, clay and plastic containers that don’t match.

If you’re concerned about mosquitoes and biting insects crashing your outdoor fun, add some citronella plants. Bruising the leaves immediately before a gathering is said to discourage mosquitoes from joining the celebratory fun. Spray citronella is also available online and at brick and mortar stores.

For more inspiration, check out online sites like Houzz, Better Homes and Gardens or your favorite decorista blogger.

Hint: Install a weather-tight storage locker on, or near, your entrance to store fabric cushions and pillows during inclement weather or when not in use. This will help prevent premature fading and aging.

Put Your Replacement Patio Door to Work

Choosing the best replacement patio door isn’t difficult. By carefully thinking about what you expect from a side or rear entrance, you’ll be able to design an entrance that welcomes guests and serves your family well for many, many years.

Replacement patio doors for your Long Island home come in two basic styles – a sliding door or a hinged-version. Each style is designed and manufactured for easy care and operation.

Sliding replacement patio doors are perfect for tight spaces where floor space is limited, or where a swing-in, swing-out door would interfere with traffic patterns and furniture placement. Since sliding patio doors have a low profile, they can provide a larger viewing area compared to hinged doors of the same size.

Sliding door configurations allow opening the door from either the right or left side, or, if you have the wall space, a three-panel configuration that includes a stationary center panel, which allows opening from both sides simultaneously.

French-style hinged replacement patio doors bring a touch of elegance to any setting. They can be configured to swing-in or swing out, where both doors open, or where one door is stationary.

Homeowners have several glass options for both styles, including a glass option that protects indoor furniture from harmful UV rays that may fade carpet and indoor upholstery prematurely.

Learn more about sliding patio door design features here, and French-style sliding replacement patio doors here. Or, visit our showroom to get a close up look at the different color, frame materials, hardware and insect screen options available.

Let Us Show You the Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Patio Door Difference

Whether you prefer a sliding patio door or a hinged replacement door, updating your entrance can help you create a beautiful, inviting outdoor space. Fill in the short form on this page or dial (866) 609-5033 to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation with a professional replacement window and patio door specialist today.


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