New Window Finishes: Factory or Paintable Natural Wood?

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island is passionate about giving homeowners options. Designing modern, precision-crafted replacement windows is for Long Island homes a step-by-step process. You select the window style, the colors, the hardware and other accessories along the way to allow you to bring your vision for a more beautiful home to life and the final product reflects your lifestyle and personality. One choice Renewal by Andersen provides that not every other window manufacturer supplies is the choice to build your new windows with factory-finished interiors or raw natural wood so you can choose to add the perfect finish for your decorating scheme.

Are you wondering which type of replacement window interior is right for your home? Below you’ll find a little more information on both factory finishes and natural wood interiors that give you total control over your interior appearance, one window at a time.

Factory Finished Interiors

Factory finishes mean when the installation is complete, the only thing left to do is enjoy the view. No cleaning, no painting, and no additional fuss. Many homeowners prefer this solution, especially if they are happy with their current interior design and color palette.

Fibrex Interior Trim and Frame

Fibrex interior trim and frame components have the color baked in during the manufacturing process. This means you have a zero-maintenance surface guaranteed not to fade, wrinkle, peel or flake.

  • Six factory finishes are available:
  • White
  • Sandstone
  • Terratone
  • Canvas
  • Dark Bronze
  • Black

Build your Energy Star certified window units with matching exteriors and interiors, or choose a dual-tone design that works to complement existing décor inside and architectural features outside.

Real Wood Interiors

Our friends and neighbors who want to perfectly match existing trim colors and textures usually choose the natural wood interiors. This choice means you can update your windows any time you are ready for a change in your overall interior decorating scheme. Here are a few things to think about when deciding whether real wood or Fibrex is right for your home.

#1. Real wood paintable interiors come in three wood types:

  • Natural pine
  • Natural maple
  • Natural oak

#2. Once you paint or stain interior components, they will require some maintenance to maintain the surface. Even though these parts are not typically exposed to harsh weather elements, time and daily use usually mean you’ll want/need to resurface your wood to protect it from sun, moisture and other environmental damage.

#3. Your windows arrive with the interiors attached as part of the complete window unit. Before staining or painting the interior woodwork, you will need to prepare your window by covering the glass, frame and other elements to protect them from splatter. It is important that solvents and other chemicals (including your paint) never come in contact with any non-wood part. Doing so, could void some parts of your warranty.

This demonstration video from BEHR does a good job showing the basics of prepping and painting a home window for people who don’t have extensive DIY experience. Your professional replacement window and patio door consultant has additional tips and resources to help you finish your natural wood interiors, too.

Which Replacement Window Interior Solution is Best for Your Long Island Home?

Only you can decide whether you want the freedom that comes with total control or the convenience of having a window unit ready for action the second the installation crew drives away. We invite you to learn more about the advantages of designing replacement windows and patio doors that truly fit your lifestyle and decorating preferences. Just fill in the short form on this page or dial (866) 609-5033 to speak to a personal window and patio door consultant.

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