Not all Window Treatments are the Same

Window Treatments serve two functions for your windows. One, they provide a covering to give you privacy and control the climate inside your home.

Two, they increase the look of your windows.  Window treatments can make any old windows look good from the inside and the outside looking in.


Blinds are one of the easiest of the window treatments in terms of being able to control them.  You just raise them all the way up for full light in the room, put them all the way down for privacy, and can control the level of light in between with a twist of their wand.  None of the other window treatments allow you to have as much control over the amount of light and privacy as blinds do.

Blinds on the other hand are harder to clean than other window treatments and because of the material they are made out of they are not able to block out the light completely.

Pull Shades

Pull shades are one of the window treatments that have evolved over the years into a much nicer looking product than they used to be.  The old version of pull shades couldn’t be relied on to pull up all the way, they ripped easily, and they were almost impossible to clean.

Today, pull shades are still hard to clean; but they are available in more colors, materials and designs than we have time to list here.  Because of the major changes in pull shades over the years, they do a much better job in blocking out more light when they are closed than they used to do in the past and they are easier to use.


Curtains were the very first window treatments ever made, dating back to well before historical records were kept.  They have been used across the world and can be found in almost every major civilization in history.  Today curtains have come a long way from the simple piece of cloth or animal skin that was used to cover windows in the past, but their concept has remained the same.

By far, curtains lead the category of window treatments with the most options in designs and colors available.   They are the easiest to clean as in most cases you can just throw them in the laundry or take them to the dry cleaners.  Curtains are also the best of all the window treatments in being able to completely block out all of the light from a room when closed, thanks to the invention of blackout curtains.

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