Patio Doors and Other Features for Improving Outdoor Living

Installing the right patio doors, lighting, patio plants, decor and drapery can improve your outdoor living space. With people in the family coming in and out to get to your outdoor kitchen, gazebo or fire pit, it’s important to have patio doors that are energy-efficient. According to an article by Industry Edge, consumers are enlarging their living area by expanding to the outdoors. Your Michigan backyard can be transformed into a private vacation spot, which brings a new meaning to the “staycation.”

Bright and cheery
Experts say one way to improve your outdoor living is to bring in colorful outdoor décor. Designers say one trend this year is for geometric patterns and tribal themes in outdoor fabric for outdoor drapes, pillows or cushions. Florida and tropical is not as popular. When it comes to the color of your patio door, most people stick to neutral wood tones or white, using curtains to add color.

Container gardening
Another trend this year in outdoor living is container gardening. If you come in and out of your home frequently to tend to your plants on a porch or deck, you may want to add a door to the outdoors. Having a high-quality patio door with efficient windows can help with the heating and cooling of the home. Secure seals and weather stripping is important as are insect screens since your plants may attract bees and other wildlife.

The grille patterns
When it comes to grills, most people think about how much grilling they would like to do with an outdoor kitchen. The grille patterns on your French contemporary patio doors are also important. Colonial doors do not allow for as much of an open view of the outdoors, which is good for people who want some privacy. Other grille pattern options include tall or short fractional or Prairie.

Having patio doors that open smoothly as well as other doors for quick exit and entrance in to the home can decrease costs. You may want contemporary sliding patio doors to show off the picturesque views to your outdoor living space. Use outdoor lighting or decorative Chinese lanterns to complete the look of your outdoor living space.

At Renewal by Andersen Michigan, we can help you choose the perfect patio doors for your indoor/outdoor living spaces. For more information on replacement windows and patio doors for your Michigan home, please contact us.

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