Patterned Glass Windows Make Your Long Island Home Sparkle

Are you considering textured or patterned glass replacement windows for your Long Island home? This week’s industry standards blog post will answer five of the most common questions Long Island homeowners have about “art glass.”

5 Common Questions About Replacement Window Patterned Glass

#1. Are patterned glass options less energy-efficient than traditional clear replacement window panes?

No. Patterned glass solutions are built with Low-E glass designed to boost home energy-efficiency. Our manufacturing team ensures that all replacement window units meet the rigorous performance ratings our customers expect.

#2. Is patterned glass available for all window styles?

Yes. Whether you want to enhance your entry with a beautiful fixed transom, or you’re considering an operable window in the bathroom that simultaneously affords more privacy and allows ventilation, you can choose the glass type and window style that best fits your needs. You can even choose one of more than a dozen geometric shaped windows to create a stunning entrance or focal point to accentuate a unique architectural feature in your home.

#3. Do windows with textured glass require special cleaning tools?

No. But, you do have to be a little more careful cleaning the inside surface since the texture is on the interior part of the window. To protect this technology that obscures the view, you should never use harsh chemicals, metal scrappers or other sharp objects – although these “tools” aren’t recommended for any of our replacement window panels. Avoid solvents and abrasives, and talk to your replacement window specialist if you have more questions about cleaning routines.

#4. Will patterned glass block all natural sunlight?

No. Many customers are surprised at the level of natural light that shines through the patterned glass panes. Textured glass by design adds visual texture, while distorting the view so passersby cannot see inside your home, but still allows abundant natural light to flow inside.

#5. Isn’t textured glass very expensive?

Size influences the overall price more than individual style and glass choices. A larger window will naturally cost more because it takes more material to build a bigger custom replacement window than it does to craft a smaller version of the same style with the exact features and accessories. Glass choice does not affect optional upgrade costs. Grilles, exclusive hardware choices, extension wands and TruScene insect screen prices remain fairly static across all window styles.

Choose a Pattern that Complements Your Decor

One of the many benefits of ordering custom-crafted home windows to replace your existing windows is the flexibility to create high-performance windows that complement your home’s architecture and represent your personal decorating style preferences.

Our portfolio includes four distinctive patterns, each with a slightly different hue and texture. All allow ample natural light to enter through the window which enables you to use less artificial lighting during the day in most settings. Choose from:

  • Fern
  • Cascade
  • Obscure
  • Reed

Express Your Style with Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Window Patterned Glass Choices

Patterned glass is just one of the many options for homeowners who aren’t willing to compromise energy-efficiency for beauty and functionality. All Renewal by Andersen of Long Island glass choices meet or exceed rigorous industry standards, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Have more questions? Simply fill in the short form on this page, or dial (866) 609-5033 to schedule a private in-home consultation and get a close up look at our beautiful patterned glass choices.

Check out this post for more information on replacement window glass.

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