Qualities of a Well-Designed Window

Many people consider their windows to be one of the most important parts of their home. This is because windows are significant to the appeal of a home’s facade. Furthermore, apart from enhancing curb appeal, windows are also expected to help increase the resale value and energy efficiency of a property. For example, having fantastic bow or bay windows can improve your home’s passive lighting and ventilation due to their wide glass area.

Well-Designed Window

With that in mind, what are the qualities that you should look for when shopping for a well-designed window? In today’s post, Renewal by Andersen® of Knoxville — one of the area’s top window replacement contractors — shares the key qualities of a well-designed window.

Benefits of Windows

Before learning more about the qualities of a well-designed window, it’s also good to know why windows are vital to your home in the first place. You can liken your windows to your eyes as they allow you to appreciate the outdoors in the comfort of your own home. That said, remember that your windows provide your home with natural light, warmth and beauty. It makes your space feel less cramped, even with limited square footage. Moreover, a window enables you to connect to the outside world, allowing you to experience fresh air, sunlight, nature sounds and a beautiful view.

How Daylighting Can Help You

Before conducting other home improvement projects, it pays to also know how windows and daylighting can help you create a comfortable living space. Did you know that natural light has many positive effects on your mental health, which can boost your emotional and mental well-being? A study conducted back in 1984 has shown that patients who were exposed to large windows overlooking nature recovered more quickly than those who didn’t have access to natural light.

Boost in Happiness and Productivity

Many office spaces opt for windows that provide natural lighting as studies have shown that employees tend to be happier and more productive when they are exposed to natural light. According to studies, natural light stimulates energy, positivity and creativity. You can apply the same concept to your home and reap wonderful results. For example, expanding a small kitchen window into a larger one isn’t only an investment in your home’s functionality but in your well-being too. Sunlight is a great source of vitamin D, which increases the antidepressant production in the form of serotonin. With large windows, sunlight is able to enter your living spaces, which is a benefit to you.

Qualities of a Well-Designed Window

  • High-Performance

Quality windows, whether they’re casement or sliding windows, should be tested for performance. They should be assessed during the development and production stages, and evaluated in extreme conditions to check the durability of every component. High-quality window products should go through a detailed design process and pass rigorous testing.

  • High-Quality Materials

Window manufacturers offer products at different prices, but even with varying costs, customers should always feel they’re getting a great product for their money. For instance, windows and skylights should feature quality glass and frame technologies to guarantee optimal energy efficiency, light admittance and ease of maintenance.

  • A Complete System

Doors, bay windows and skylights offer beauty, but the products that are a cut above the rest offer superior energy efficiency and functionality as well. Every component is engineered to work together to resist different types of damage caused by the elements and at the same time contribute to energy efficiency.

  • Technology and Innovation

Many homeowners nowadays prefer products that can be integrated with their devices. These smart automation systems allow homeowners to use various components with a few taps on their smartphones. Window products that have years of innovation and research behind them are a good choice. With these windows, you can count on the manufacturers’ commitment to create products that will also complement your lifestyle. Combining timeless designs, high-quality manufacturing process and integrated automation and technology will allow you to enjoy your windows even more.

  • Certified

Window manufacturers should comply with certain codes for air, water, structural and impact performance, as well as with the specified materials and component requirements. Getting a certification mark from an accredited, independent, third-party organization will give you an assurance that the windows meet industry standards. In some cases, this allows manufacturers to carry proprietary products since they’re the only ones who are capable of meeting the requirements of particular certifications. One example of this is Andersen’s Fibrex® window frames, which feature both the durability of wood and the ease of maintenance of vinyl windows.

  • Great Aesthetics

It’s an undeniable fact that aesthetics is a major factor that homeowners consider when picking windows. The appearance of your windows has an impact on your home’s exterior, which is usually one of the first things that neighbors notice when they pass by your home.

A high-quality window can significantly improve your home’s curb appeal and its resale value. When you’re replacing other old parts of your home, like the roof or siding, don’t forget about your windows as they’re a prominent part of your home as well. If you’re remodeling your home for profit, you’ll be pleased to know that well-designed windows will significantly increase your home’s worth.

When in need of well-made, energy-efficient custom windows and replacement doors for your home, look no further than Renewal by Andersen of Knoxville. We’ll help you pick the best windows suited for your needs. Call us today at (866) 609-5033 or fill out our contact form to schedule your consultation. We proudly serve Oak Ridge, TN, and nearby areas.

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