Reclaim Extra Space with the Right Replacement Window & Patio Door Options for Your Long Island Garage Conversion

Long Island Replacement Window Garage ConversionsOne of the major benefits of installing Renewal by Anderson of Long Island replacement windows and patio doors in your Long Island home is ease of installation. Since we remove existing windows and install your custom-built replacement windows, there is usually minimal construction time and expense associated with the upgrade outside of the cost of the windows and patio doors. While most of our projects are simple window replacement, we also work with homeowners planning major renovations.

Reclaiming floor space in the garage by converting attached or detached car storage is exciting. Once you get rid of the pile of “stuff” cluttering up the space, and recycle or donate all the extras you haven’t used in two decades, the space is a blank slate primed for almost anything. You can turn your newfound spaces the extra space into a sewing room, extra sleeping quarters, a man-cave (or woman-cave) or dozens of other family spaces. Just be sure to check with your local building department before turning extra space into living space.

Defining Your New Space

One of the first things you’ll likely consider when converting a garage into a new room is how to get more natural light into the space. Before you can select window styles and shapes, you’ll need to carefully consider how you’ll use the additional space. A conversion from storage to stunning master suite will be much different from an upgrade to a hangout for the neighborhood teenagers. If you’re already researching windows options, you’ve most likely already made this decision. Your next step is to consider some of the major components:

  1. Flooring Materials
    Choosing the best flooring for a room’s activity is critical. There are dozens of options out there for homeowners such as tile, carpeting, rubber coating, hardwoods, and linoleum. Within each category there may be a hundred diverse options based on color, fibers, finishes, raw materials and application methods.
  2. Ceilings

Ceilings are always on display. From almost every angle in the room the ceiling is visible, particularly if this is going to be a lounging or sleeping space where you may be laying on a couch or bed. Natural light shining through your windows bounces off the ceiling throughout the day, creating subtle changes as the sun rises and sets. While natural light makes every room more beautiful, it also highlights imperfections in construction and finishing techniques.

While many basement ceilings are completed with drop ceilings, drywall finishes are the best way to have a “real” ceiling that makes your new room feel like any other in the home. Adding texture to the ceiling can cover flaws and add interesting design featuers. Simple drywall finishing techniques like slap brushing which involves cross hatching to form a simple pattern are easier and less time-consuming than more intricate designs such as mud swirling. Other ceiling material options include: open beam motifs, stenciled metal tiles and blown-on texture.

  1. Wall Covering & Textures

Like the ceiling, your walls need to get a lot of attention. Color choices dramatically influence the overall tone of a room. The correct balance of complementary hues and contrasting textures can make the room look and feel larger or claustrophobic. Paint, wall paper, fabric and latticework are just a few texture choices for your new room’s walls.

  1. Storage

Today, customized storage solutions, especially in a garage conversion, are all about using the vertical landscape. Built-in drawers and cabinets along perimeter walls provide opportunities for organizing your sports equipment in a gym and your clothes in a master bedroom suite. Coordinating drawer pulls and hinges on storage units with your replacement window hardware can pull the room together, creating a pleasing visual balance. Roll-around storage units give you freedom to add extra seating or counter space in dining areas or add an entertainment bar.

  1. Window and Doors

Configuring your replacement windows brings your complete vision to life. Along with coordinating the operational levers and handles with cabinet knobs, some homeowners choose to repeat a custom window grille pattern on glass cabinet fronts.

If you’re updating an attached garage, you’ll want to consider the doors carefully. Creating inviting transitions between the interior spaces eliminates the “after-thought” effect. A well designed transition makes your new room look natural and not an afterthought garage conversion.

Contact the Long Island Replacement Window Specialists Before Converting Your Garage Space

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement window and patio door specialists are available to help you plan your garage conversion. Our portfolio of window styles allows Long Island homeowners virtually limitless options from creating more storage and seating space with unique bay or bow window configuration to mulling diverse geometric shaped fixed windows into a spectacular focal point for your room that provides ample opportunities to bring in natural sunlight and fresh air. Call us toll-free to start your home remodeling journey at (866) 609-5033. You can also fill in the short form on this page for more details about our custom-built replacement windows.

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