Redecorating with Renewal by Anderson of Long Island Replacement Windows

How to stain your long island replacement windowsRenewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement windows are manufactured with many distinct features to ensure your windows perform beautifully for many years without extensive and complicated maintenance routines. We are justifiably proud of our products and why our warranty is one of the best packages in the industry.

Even though we design most of our window frames, hardware and accessories so you won’t have to repaint or resurface the grilles, frames or sash, we also have windows that enable you to paint or stain the interiors to match your design scheme. We want you to have the confidence to redecorate your home without worrying about voiding your industry leading warranty, so this blog post contains some general advice about updating your paintable and stainable replacement window elements. If you have any questions about updating your window colors, simply call your replacement window specialist at (866) 609-5033 or consult your product warranty for more information.

Fibrex® Composite Material

Renewal by Andersen replacement windows’ Fibrex sash and frames are manufactured to be virtually maintenance free. If you desire to change the color, it is important to resurface without damaging the unique construction and characteristics of your Fibrex®.

Protecting Your Surfaces

Use water-repellent cloth or paper and painter’s tape to cover the non-paintable surfaces listed below before applying conditioners, solvents, paint or stain:

  • Weatherstripping materials
  • Caulking or sealants around glass
  • Jamb liners
  • Surfaces that come in contact with other “slidable surfaces” on your windows
  • Gaskets

To avoid permanent damage, we recommend you do not change the color of any products that come from the factory painted Cocoa Bean, Forest Green or Dark Bronze.

Step-by-Step Painting Guidelines

Remove window panes or paint with sash open. Your Renewal by Andersen replacement window consultant can give you more detailed instructions on how to remove panes, you may follow the steps you normally use when cleaning your windows, or review our care and maintenance guide by clicking on this link; then, select the video for your window style.

For optimal adherence, uniform application, and a beautiful surface, paint your window parts on a warm, low-humidity day. Use high quality products and the proper paint type. Select exterior oil or water-based paint products for external areas and interior paint for surfaces inside your home.

After you clean your surfaces, lightly sand each surface using a fine grit sandpaper or extra-fine steel wool (non-soaped) pads. Remove loose particles and dust with a soft, dry cloth. Use a solvent — acetone, denatured alcohol or other mild surface conditioner — to prepare the surface to accept the primer and paint; follow application instructions on the product carefully.

Your Long Island, New York home is subject to high humidity and seasonal moisture. It is important to apply an even coat of high quality quick-dry alkyd primer. Allow the primer to dry according to the manufacture’s instructions. Drying time may vary depending on the temperature and humidity. Allow all surfaces to thoroughly dry before closing the sash. When in doubt, or if the surface is tacky after the suggested time passes, allow the primer to dry longer than recommended. When the primer is dry, paint with your choice of colors.

Stainable Interiors

Some Renewal by Andersen Windows are available with wood veneers inside that are stainable or paintable. Before you start staining, read all product application instructions and only use the recommended brush types for the stain you select. Spread drop cloths to protect carpets, furniture and floors. Make sure you have a mild soap solution and a soft cloth handy to clean up drips and spills quickly.

When your areas is prepared, follow these five steps to finish your veneers on your insect screens:

#1 Protect your screen cloth by applying painter’s tape along the edges.

#2 Apply a coat of pre-stain sealer.

#3 Allow to dry thoroughly.

#4 Apply stain according to manufacturer’s instructions.

#5 Finish with a top coat, sealant.

Wood Grilles

Natural wood grilles can be stained or painted according to your personal decorating preference. Follow the same procedures for painting your insect screen frames for the best results, long-lasting beauty and superior performance. Always remove interior grilles before painting to protect your glass surfaces.

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island is Here to Help

We think our full line of Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement windows are the most beautiful and functional windows you will find. However, we know that even with a wide array of colors, some homeowners will want to create their own color schemes and decorating themes with custom colors. Feel free to resurface your paintable and stainable frames and sash to complement your home décor following the steps above.

Call Us If You Have Questions About Painting/Staining Your Long Island Replacement Windows

All we ask is that you take a few precautions during the process to protect your windows and make sure you don’t risk voiding any part of our excellent warranty. Have questions about paint products and surface treatments? Give us a call at (866) 609-5033 or enter your contact information and your questions in the form on this page. We’ll call you with more details.

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