The Renewal by Andersen® Start-to-Finish Process

The Renewal by Andersen® Start-to-Finish Process

At Renewal by Andersen®, we have a commitment to giving our clients the best window replacement experience. On top of building superior replacement windows and patio doors, we also aim to make the entire start-to-finish process a pleasant, convenient, and memorable one.

The Renewal by Andersen® Start-to-Finish Process

Let us give you a quick tour of our process.

Comfortable Consultations

It’s no secret that some companies in the industry still utilize pricing gimmicks, high-pressure sales tactics, and other unsavory practices just to get people to sign the contract. There’s also the problem of accountability: once the homeowners sign the dotted line, the same contractors would pass the responsibility to other people, and in some cases, other subcontractors. In the event that something goes wrong, finding the accountable persons, let alone finding a solution, would be extremely difficult.

Our mission at Renewal by Andersen is to make sure such a scenario does not happen to our clients, which is why we own the process from start to finish. Our expert consultant arrives on time for the initial consultation and patiently listens to the homeowner’s needs, tastes, and requirements. Our consultant then makes recommendations, explains their features, and answers any questions, whether it’s about modern replacement windows or traditional French doors. At the end of the day, our consultant provides a written quotation that transparently lists everything, including the full project cost. The homeowner is given as much time as they need and can sign the contract at their convenience.

Impeccable Installations

We consider installation as the most critical part of our process: not only does it deliver all the promises we made during the consultation, the performance of our replacement windows and patio doors entirely depend on it. This is why we invested in hiring only the best installers. In addition to ensuring the success of every installation project, we want to provide an easy and hassle-free experience, and who can provide it better than the experts in their craft? Once the installation is completed, we make sure that everything is so clean, it will look like the windows have magically installed themselves. We even dispose of the old windows for our clients.

And what about the after-sales customer service? We can tell you it’s consistent with our entire process—pleasant, comfortable, and convenient.

When buying replacement windows or sliding patio doors, we invite you to experience our start-to-finish process for yourself: call Renewal By Andersen® of New Jersey and New York Metro today at (866) 609-5033 or fill out our contact form to schedule your free in-home consultation. We serve homeowners in Hillsborough, New Jersey, and nearby areas.

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