Renewal by Andersen® and the Power of Window Customization

Your home is forever a work in progress. In other words, it is subject to significant changes, big or small, that reflect your needs and tastes. Inevitably, there comes a time when you’ll take another look at your windows and wish they have this specific attribute that makes them more special and unique.

Custom windows

If you have thought about designing your windows precisely to your specifications, you’ll be happy to hear that Renewal by Andersen® allows you to take advantage of customization. When you choose us, you’re picking exclusive custom replacement windows that are both durable and beautiful. Here’s an in-depth look at the various options available to you.

Sleeker Window Frames

Your choice of frame material will affect how long your windows are expected to last, what kind of care and maintenance they will require, and whether or not you’ll scrape and repaint them regularly. From the very beginning, you must consider top-of-the-line products, such as Fibrex®.

It is a composite framing material that combines the strength and natural beauty of wood with the ease of care of vinyl. These qualities allow Renewal by Andersen to craft thinner frames for casement and sliding windows without sacrificing their structural integrity. Despite using substantially less material during manufacturing, it provides a tight seal between the window frames and glass, preventing energy from escaping during winter and summer.

Sleeker Fibrex frames also mean the replacement windows have more glass. This allows you to take advantage of greater amounts of natural light in your home. With proper window placement, especially in areas that regularly receive sunlight, you can limit the use of artificial lighting during the day. A wider glass area also means getting to frame the beauty of the outdoors, whether it is your attractive landscaping or an elegant view of the countryside.

Custom Shaping

Fibrex is composed of 40% wood fiber and 60% proprietary polymer. They are combined through a process called extrusion. It starts with heating the wood fiber to remove all of its moisture. The polymer is also heated to a specific temperature until it is liquefied. As the two materials are combined, they begin bonding at a molecular level. The liquid polymer is then pressurized so it envelopes every cell of the wood fiber. The strong Fibrex material forms as the wood fibers bind together.

It is through this process that Renewal by Andersen can craft replacement windows to any shape. Apart from the conventional window styles like double-hung and bay windows, the company also offers custom-made specialty windows. Its over 15 different shape options, including custom and combination options, give you limitless creativity. If you want to define a new look or want a design that matches your home’s architectural style, these windows are for you.

Colors and Stains for Window Exteriors and Interiors

A great customized window should have the right color that fits your tastes and your home’s style. At Renewal by Andersen, we offer a wide array of exterior and interior color options, letting you choose from up to 49 combinations. The colors are embedded in the Fibrex framing material through the same extrusion process discussed above. The result is a dynamic window that is expected to preserve its appearance for many years.

Neutrals, including white and black, are available to set off other visual elements. Stunning, bold hues like Forest Green and Terratone offer a more striking effect. Our color palette might be trendy, but it doesn’t necessarily deviate from the traditional design scheme. Colors like Red Rock and Cocoa Bean allow you to achieve the aesthetic of American Farmhouse, Prairie and other old-world architectural styles.

The window interior, meanwhile, is made of real wood, which means they can be stained or painted to match your decor. Our options include oak, maple and engineered pine. With this, you can match or recreate a vintage look and feel for your home’s interior.

Interior Hardware Finish and Grilles

While window hardware is usually known for its functionality, it, too, can match the look and feel of your interior. That’s why we offer carefully-selected finishes so your custom windows. White, for instance, goes best with white Fibrex frames; an aesthetic look most commonly found in traditional homes. A stone finish, meanwhile, looks best with natural decorative elements and concrete accents.

Of course, metallic hardware finishes make the difference between a plain-looking window and a stunning one. Various types of nickel, including distressed and satin nickel, complement wood- or dark-colored window frames. Brushed and polished chrome pieces are a staple in contemporary home styles because they give off a clean, modern look. Bright and antique brass exudes a classic, elegant appearance, while the distressed and oil-rubbed bronze varieties match with natural wood elements and furnishings.

To enhance your home’s appearance inside and out, we also offer a wide range of creative grille patterns. Like the Fibrex frames, glass and hardware, these are designed to last a long time with low-maintenance performance. Our broad selection of grilles can help you match your home’s current architecture, change its look and style, or incorporate them into your design focused on historical accuracy.

Grille styles include farmhouse, colonial, prairie and modified prairie. As for grille types, there’s the full divided light type, which offers a visual replication of true divided glass. The exterior grille is made of Fibrex and is permanently applied to the glass, while the interior grille is either detachable or likewise permanently applied. An aluminum spacer is placed in between the glass. For easy window cleaning, you can choose either the aluminum grille installed between the glass panes or the detachable wood grille.

Designing a customized window may take more work than you might originally expect. Then again, with the help of the design consultants of Renewal by Andersen of Knoxville, you can better limit your design choices. Schedule a free in-home or virtual consultation with us so we can guide you in creating the best replacement windows that fit your precise specifications and are uniquely suited to your style.

As an exclusive representative of Renewal by Andersen, we can offer their full selection of traditional and specialty replacement windows. We also offer a selection of French and sliding patio doors. Give us a call at (866) 609-5033 or fill out our contact form. We serve Tennessee residents, including those living in and around Oak Ridge, TN.

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