Replacement Bay Window Options for Long Island


Designing replacement bay windows for your Long Island home is a fun project. There are a few flexible rules, however you have many custom options to expand your space, usher in more natural light and add a beautiful feature that most other replacement windows don’t offer. Here are a few Renewal by Andersen of Long Island recommendations to consider as you plan your bay window design.

What are Bay Replacement Windows?

A bay replacement window typically has three panels. The traditional configuration includes a large, fixed window flanked by two double-hung windows (or other vertical operating window units) that are the same height, but narrower than the center panel. Side windows may be angled up to a 90 degree angle. Depending on the original window placement in the wall, a custom bow window may include a seat or wide ledge.

Flexible Configuration Options for Homeowners

Although many homeowners choose a three-panel configuration with angled sides, a bay window may have additional side window units, say two on each side, making a total of five individual windows joined together. Or, the center window, typically street-facing, may feature a fixed window flanked by smaller fixed or operable windows.

Bay and box bay window styles include any combination of casement replacement, awnings, picture and double-hung window styles.

Choosing Glass for the Extension

Glazing is an important feature of all replacement windows. Double-pane glass, with argon between the panes, provides enhanced energy efficiency. Some glass options also reduce UV light transfer, filter noise and control heat gain and loss through the window. Factory applied technology gives homeowners opportunities to control indoor temperatures and light levels based on lot orientation, surrounding structures and personal preferences.

Interior Decorative Elements & Design

Seat Color Options

Color choices and accessories expand decorative options. For those considering a window seat, the bench top comes in two paintable/stainable options: real oak and real birch. There are also several Abonite choices. Abonite is a material similar to Corian or quartz suitable for seat tops, counter-tops and other interior applications. Abonite colors include:

  • Cameo white
  • Black lava
  • Beach
  • Dust
  • Sandstone
  • Mesa brown

Custom seat colors allow homeowners flexibility to leave their seats au naturel or add cushions and pillows for guests and family.

Grille Options

The choice to add decorative grilles is strictly optional. Grille patterns may be simple or intricate. They may encompass the entire window surface, provide a perimeter detail or be added to only the top or lower portion of a window unit.

Roof Options

Bay windows come with a roof designed to protect the unit and complement other home architectural features. The window roof comes in two distinct styles: a hip roof and a concave roof.

  • A hip roof in a design where all sides slope down toward the exterior walls. A boxed (or square) hip roof, resembles a small pyramid, although the bay typically has a gentler slope that a square hip roof.
  • A concave roof is slightly curved upward, creating a system that efficiently collects and sheds water (such as rainfall) while keeping the service beneath a little cooler.

Both roof styles come in painted aluminum and copper. The hip roof also comes in shingles and a shake roof suitable for custom painting or staining to match existing roof material or exterior home colors.

As you can see, bay windows add a beautiful feature that enhances curb appeal and expands interior decorating options.

Explore Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Bay Replacement Window Solutions

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