How to Find the Long Island Replacement Window that Meets Your Every Need

Long Island Replacement Window NeedsMost homeowners on Long Island don’t think about their windows until they have a problem. When aging, sagging windows no longer enhance the appearance of your home or you find your heating bills are going up while your comfort level is going down, it’s probably time to talk to a Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement window professional. While energy efficiency and controlling costs are two of the most popular reasons people contact us about installing replacement windows in their homes, there are many other reasons as well.

Almost Effortless Cleaning & Maintenance
It’s a fact, old or outdated windows are harder to clean and maintain. If your existing windows are wood, you probably have to set aside time each year to fix cracked, flaking paint that exposes your frames and trim to the elements. And, cleaning your old-fashioned windows means running back and forth to clean both interior and exterior surfaces and trying to scrub off staining from worn out glass surfaces. Most Renewal by Andersen replacement windows have easy clean features that allow you to clean both sides of your window from inside your house. In fact, the glass even has special features that mean you have to clean your windows less often. You can even get removable grilles that complement traditional architectural styles, but snap off easily to make cleaning a breeze.

Improve Your Light Filtering and Noise Control
High-performance windows help you filter out noise from road traffic, barking dogs and other neighborhood sounds that you’d rather not hear. You can also take control of light levels in your home based on the type of glazing you choose. So, whether you want to filter harmful UV rays that prematurely age your furniture and draperies or you want to block an unsightly view, glass options allow you to customize your new windows with best-fit features for your home and family.

Custom-built Renewal by Andersen Replacement Windows for Unique Needs
Along with enhancing privacy with patterned glass choices and saving time normally spent refurbishing window components with low-maintenance Fibrex frames, you can make sure your home is functional for every family member. For example, operational hardware designed for left-handed people makes it easier for the lefties in your family to open the window to capture a cool summer breeze and quickly close a window if the temperature drops or it starts to rain. The right window selection allows you to manage traffic patterns more efficiently and to use your indoor and outdoor spaces in non-traditional ways that work best for their family and guests.

Are Replacement Windows Practical on Long Island?
Yes. Admittedly you probably wouldn’t install new windows just to get the left-handed levers and cranks. And, replacing windows throughout your home to keep from hearing an occasional howl from the neighbor’s dog probably wouldn’t make sense for most people. But, if you are looking for ways to make your home more functional for your family, replacement windows can help. For example, if someone in your home has physical challenges, the right window style can make a huge difference how well they navigate daily life. Easy-care, sliding windows and patio doors never stick or hang and most people can slide them open with very little effort. There’s no knob to turn or pull on a lever so people who have arthritis may be able to open sliding windows easier than some styles.

Whatever Your Window Needs, We Have a Replacement Window for Your Long Island Home?

Every replacement window style in our full line of home improvement products has value-added features that improve energy efficiency, allow homeowners to save money on heating and air conditioning bills, and virtually eliminate annual maintenance on frames and other components. Practically speaking, if you have aging windows that don’t prevent moisture and air from coming into your home it is time to consider installing new ones. If you don’t love the styles, colors or performance of your existing windows, you can design your own custom-built, fully guaranteed replacement windows that look exactly the way you want them to and they will continue to perform year after year, saving you time and money. Do you have unique window needs? Want help showcasing a beautiful view or add a bit more privacy to your home? Our Renewal by Andersen window specialists can help. Reach us by filling in the short form on this page or by calling us toll-free at (866) 609-5033 to schedule a private, in-home consultation.


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