Replacement Window Performance

When considering a major improvement, such as replacing your windows, you will want to take several things into consideration. One of those considerations should definitely be Performance. Renewal by Andersen replacement windows are known for their performance and we are very proud of that fact.

Our windows are made from a breakthrough composite material exclusive to Renewal by Andersen. This material will keep your windows low maintenance that won’t rot, flake, blister, peel, crack, pit, or corrode. It is an excellent insulator that prevents the heat or cold from being transferred into or out of your home. It also will not expand or contract with changes in temperature.

In addition to the excellent composite materials, our windows come with High performance glass options, either Low-E4 or Low-#4 Smartsun Glass. By using Low-E4 Glass, our windows are able to be energy efficient, up to 56% more in the summer, when compared to ordinary double paned glass. Our glass also has an innovative coating which reduces water spots and makes cleaning easier, as well blocking 83% of UV rays which can fade fabric and damage furniture.

By using high quality materials, Renewal by Andersen windows have a track record of creating and installing high performance replacement windows which will enhance and improve your home for years to come. For more information, please feel free to contact Renewal by Andersen of Cincinnati today.

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