Are Replacement Windows the Best Choice for My Long Island Home?

The windows in your Long Island home are responsible for many things. A well-built Renewal by Andersen replacement window can have a positive impact on energy-efficiency, potentially reducing heating and cooling expenses. Modern double-pane windows with gas-between-the-glass and high-performance seals block air and moisture leaks, reducing condensation and damage to the sills and interior trim. And, with all of the performance advancements possible with advanced technology, factory applied coatings and textures enhance your curb appeal. So, are replacement windows the best choice for your Long Island home? We hope the following information will highlight the advantages for homeowners who choose to install custom-designed, energy-efficient windows.

Should I Repair Or Replace My Existing Windows?

Restoring to Original Condition

Here on Long Island, we have what some call a mixed climate. That simply means we enjoy four distinct seasons with diverse weather patterns. We typically see moderate spring and fall weather, summer is scorching hot with high humidity levels and winter can be cold, or downright frigid. When your old, single-pane, wood, vinyl or aluminum frame windows have worn, damaged weather-stripping or failing sealants, it is possible to replace those items and restore the fixture to near-original condition, providing the rest of the frame is in good condition (which is not really likely). However, single-pane windows will never be as energy-efficient as modern ENERGY STAR certified insulated glass window units. If you want to improve energy-efficiency, you’ll need double-pane window.

Improving Energy Efficiency Performance of Your Windows

Adding insulated glass isn’t the only way to improve energy-efficiency. While glazing choices have the greatest impact, the frame material, design, construction techniques and other factors all work together to boost energy-efficiency as a unit. For example, Fibrex composite frames add another layer of protection because thermal expansion rates closely mimic the expansion and contraction rate of the building envelope. This means you won’t notice gaps around the windows like you often see with vinyl and aluminum frames, which cause moist and air to infiltrate your home around or through the window. Inert gas between the panes, particularly argon, adds another layer of insulation to prevent unwanted heat transfer. So, although you can repair older windows, you won’t ever be able to increase performance in older windows to the same level as modern replacement windows.

Enhancing the Overall Aesthetic Appeal of Your Home

Naturally, the visual appearance of your home is also a consideration. Long Island replacement windows offer opportunities to improve the view from the curb. If you are thinking of selling your home – or renting – updating your Long Island home’s windows is sure to increase the value for buyers. You can repair and paint those old windows, but unless you have a historic home and you want to maintain an exact representation of the original, there is no reason not to install insulated replacement windows when you are planning an appearance upgrade.

Changing window styles, frame colors and check rail styles can help you give your property a fresh new look. You can also swap double-hung windows for casement replacement windows, build out a bay window to replace a fixed window in the family room, or replace hard to reach windows with single-handle awning or hopper styles for convenience.

3 More Reasons Replacement Windows Could Be a Great Addition to Your Long Island Home

#1. Because high-quality, home windows add value and comfort, investing in replacement windows is a viable solution for homeowners who want to improve energy-efficiency and visual elements around their homes.

#2. Factory applied colors are extremely stable, with virtually no maintenance, they have a long lifespan and remain beautiful for decades. Plus, when installed by a Renewal by Andersen technician, we guarantee they’re built to last without leaking, peeling, fading or rotting.

#3. One of the many advantages of updating your windows with replacement windows built to exacting measurements is that you never have to hire a contractor to modify your home. Replacement windows and patio doors are built to precisely fit the opening left when our technicians remove existing windows, so no extensive, and costly, renovation is required. You choose your window styles, hardware, colors, grille patterns and screens and we build them according to your preferences and selections.

Renewal by Andersen Replacement Window Recommendations for Long Island Homeowners

If your windows are in good condition except for a few minor issues with weather-stripping or sealants, it might not be financially wise to invest in replacement windows to fix the problems of one or two windows. However, if you are living with single-pane windows or windows that are sagging or drooping, or you want to improve the overall look and energy-efficiency of your home, replacement windows are a great solution.

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