Choosing Renewal by Andersen Replacement Windows for Rural Long Island Homes

Shelter Island, Suffolk County, Long Island, NY Replacement WindowsIf you started to undertake your replacement window research, you’ve probably come across energy-efficiency ratings and recommendations based upon the climate, seasonal humidity variances and location, but did you know that certain window styles are look better on certain home styles? For example, a window that looks good in an urban setting like a Manhattan row house, might look out of place on a rural home out on the East End of Long Island.

While Renewal by Andersen of Long Island designs all its replacement windows with rigorous internal standards that ensure low-maintenance performance and longevity, we understand that every home has its own unique character and every window should reflect the owners’ lifestyle and decorating preferences.

Choosing the frame material and hardware finish that complements your interior decorating scheme and the best glass options for living in rural Long Island is a personal decision-making journey for each homeowner. To help you compare styles and operational features, let’s look at just a few Renewal by Andersen window options.

Why Long Island Customers Like Renewal by Andersen Casement Windows

Long Island weather varies with the seasons, but one thing that doesn’t change much is the humidity level. Whether it is ice and snow in the colder months or rainfall in spring and summer, Long Island residents can expect between 2 and 4 inches of precipitation every month of the year. If you live in Suffolk County, you’ll get a bit more wet stuff than if you live in Nassau, but it stays fairly consistent across the region.

Renewal by Andersen’s replacement casement windows include a unique multi-position latching system designed to keep moisture out and conditioned air (both hot and cold) indoors. Casement windows operate with a crank mechanism that opens the window out – rather than sash that rise up or down. One benefit to rural Long Island homeowners is that regardless of which season it is, you’ll be able to control your energy costs better with an airtight window.

Crank style windows, like casement replacement windows, work exceptionally well over counters or behind furniture where reaching an operable sash might be inconvenient or difficult without getting a ladder or moving furniture around.

Low Profile Sliders Save Space and Time

While high-humidity levels can overwork an older heating and air conditioning system, the extra moisture is one of the reasons we have such beautiful scenery to enjoy – especially when you get out of the city proper. To take advantage of spectacular views without ever leaving your home, you’ll want to choose glass options that have high-clarity features and low-profile frames that give you a larger viewing area. One low-profile option is sliding windows. Here are a four special features that sliders offer:

  1. Dual-sliders allow you to open either side to control ventilation.
  2. The easy-care design lets you clean both inside and outside glass surfaces from inside your home.
  3. Seven interior colors and 11 hardware finishes to choose from allow dozens of design combinations.
  4. Opening windows doesn’t block sidewalks, affect furniture placement or disrupt activities on decks and patios.

When It’s All About the View, Choose Fixed Windows

For safety reasons, we recommend every room have at least one operable window with easy access in case of emergencies like a fire. But, if you have a room dedicated to watching the world go by – like a room overlooking a private pond or a sunroom with a view of the Peconic River – you’ll want fixed replacement windows. Even though a fixed window won’t open to let the cool breezes in on moderate summer evenings, you’ll have a front-row seat to watch the garden grow – maybe even catch a glimpse of wildlife sunbathing along the water’s edge.

Fixed windows complement other window styles in your home. They also provide excellent noise control, allow lots of natural light into your rooms and increase energy-efficiency. All that and a view – no wonder picture windows are so popular.

Still Not Sure Which Renewal by Andersen Replacement Window is Right for Your Long Island Home?

It’s hard to visualize what certain styles and colors will look like in your home. That’s why we recommend homeowners take a virtual tour at before they make a final decision. With the interactive tool that lets you upload real photos of your home, you can see how options like removable grilles and varying profile widths affects the curb appeal and enhance the overall beauty of your home.

Other Replacement Window Recommendations

These three popular window styles are great options for your rural Long Island home. But, they don’t represent all of your options. You have frame choices like Fibrex, our patented composite material manufactured for long-lasting durability while reducing the carbon footprint. Fibrex performs better – and longer – than wood or vinyl frames without exhaustive maintenance. Maybe you’re looking for awning style windows that crank open horizontally instead of vertically for the basement or garage.

Ready to Explore Replacement Window Options for Your Long Island Home?

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