The Best Replacement Windows for Your Second Story

Updating a home in a New Jersey or New York Metro area is about more than just replacing aging furnishings and fixtures. An older home may need modern, energy-efficient windows that bring in light and warmth (and lower energy bills), as well as beautify the interior and exterior elements. When considering brands and prices, homeowners should think about the style, frame materials, glazing choices and decorative features, too.

Here are a few things to consider before buying replacement windows for the second story of your home.

Replacement Window Price

Price is an important factor for many people. While the type of glass, the window unit size and dimensions, frame material and replacement window style all have some impact on the overall price, location (as in second story versus first floor) doesn’t typically affect the price unless you are hiring a private contractor to install your new windows.

The complexity of installation – jobs that require additional modification to the building envelope or support structures and replacing windows where a crane or other machinery may be needed to reach the original window location – usually means a higher cost for labor. When homeowners purchase replacement windows from a brand that provides certified installation crews, and a warranty that covers the installation parts and labor, price per unit usually remains fairly constant for first and second story windows based on size and optional accessories.

Replacement Window Style

Deciding which replacement window style is the best fit for your home’s upper floor, depends on what you expect from your windows. Homeowners who like the current look of their home, but want to enhance energy efficiency and functionality, may decide to keep the same styles, replacing double-hung windows with double-hung windows, casement windows with casements and sliders with sliders.

Those who want to change the appearance may choose to replace sliding windows with casement windows, add some visual interest with a half circle window mulled over the double-hung windows, or add a mini-bow or bay to the second story bedroom window to bring in additional natural light.

It is possible to install most replacement window styles in upper floors. Choosing the right style for any home is more about making sure the new windows complement the home’s architectural features, provide safe egress and ensure healthy ventilation. So, it would never be a great idea to replace all operable windows with fixed windows, but you can choose new styles that help you give your interior and exterior views a fresh new look.

Replacement Window Accessories and Design

Whether you choose double-hung or casement, awning or slider, or even specialty-shaped fixed replacement windows, the colors, grille patterns, glass and hardware selections add custom elements to ensure your windows are easy to operate, look beautiful and enhance safety, security and comfort in your home. Choosing frame material that boosts insulation, such as Renewal by Andersen’s exclusive composite Fibrex, is a great first step.

One of the many benefits of installing replacement windows in your home is the opportunity to personalize your home’s windows based on your lifestyle, decorating goals and the elements surrounding your dwelling. Designing replacement windows based on your expectations is the straightest path to be satisfied after the installation and for all the years you live in your home.

Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro: Your Replacement Window Partner for Success

If you have specific questions about replacement window styles and accessories for your two-story home, contact a Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro representative today. It’s easy. Fill in the short form on this page or dial (866) 609-5033 to schedule a no-obligation, in-home consultation today.


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