SHGC Rating of Replacement Windows: What’s Considered Ideal?

You’ve probably heard the term “SHGC” when shopping for new windows. Short for solar heat gain coefficient, it is best described as a ratio where 0 is equal to the least amount of solar heat allowed through a window, with 1 being the maximum. 

SHGC Rating of Replacement Windows: What's Considered Ideal?

But you might be wondering to yourself, “What’s the ideal SHGC rating, then?” 

The Ideal SHGC Rating for Your Windows

There’s no set SHGC rating that’s considered ideal. This will all depend on the climate where you live. Consider the following when choosing replacement windows for your home:

  • Windows with an SHGC value under 0.27 are recommended for southern regions that rely on cooling.
  • Windows and skylights should have an SHGC value of less than 0.30 in the southern and central regions that experience mixed climates.
  • The SHGC rating for windows and skylights should be lower than 0.40 in the regions of the north and Midwest with mixed climates.
  • The SHGC rating of a window is really less significant than the U-factor in the colder northern regions. Keep in mind that windows’ SHGC ratings should be lower than 0.40 if air conditioning is occasionally utilized. Windows should have an SHGC value between 0.30 and 0.60 when there is no air conditioning present.

The Recommended SHGC Rating for Windows in San Francisco

In San Francisco, where the yearly weather conditions range from mild winters to dry summers, the recommended SHGC rating is 0.40 or less. As for the other energy performance ratings, the recommended U-factor, which is the rate at which a window transmits non-solar heat flow, is 0.30 or less.

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